If I were to generate an address and it happens to collide, legally speaking, would a transfer constitute theft?


Adding my owner answer here thanks to some input from @Wats0ns and @Murch.


Let's say the following happened:

I generate a key pair that collided with an already existing address. That address happened to have a balance. I signed a transfer to a new address under my (and only my) control. In that transfer I put my contact information (and proved after the fact that I had the private key and had done exactly as everyone suspects, crazy I know).

I'd expect:

The other owner to claim they owned the address via a digital signature (the only way you can claim to own an address). The other owner to show either that they owned the previous incoming addresses or that they traded with others to result in the funding of the address in question. The other owner to sue me for those coins back, and press criminal charges for theft. I would use a "Claim of Right or Ownership of Property" defense for the theft charge. I might lose the civil case and have to return...
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If you need to derive a random key from another (rather than one that can be found though iterative search), don't use BIP32.

If you want normal derivation (allowing the pubkeys to be derived without knowing the parent privkey), use the pay-to-contract scheme: privkey = parent_privkey + H(parent_pubkey || id) pubkey = parent_pubkey + H(parent_pubkey || id) * G

If you want hardered derivation, just use the parent key as extra entropy source: privkey = H(parent_privkey || id) pubkey = H(parent_privkey || id) * G

(where id is at least 16 bytes of randomness)

BIP32 can be used if you really need it, for this use case, but it is unnecessarily complicated. I would suggest no less than 5 levels of 31-bit integers (4 would be less than 128 bits of entropy) or no less than 39 levels for single-digit subpaths (129.55 bits of...

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I am looking for a program (code or software, called the way you want) that can run totally autonomously, not requiring to be connected to Internet or to have a specific bitcoin software installed (like bitcoind or bitcore or else) and that would permit to generate Bitcoin Address/Private key pairs.

I think that it's called Cold Storage, but not sure about that.

From what I understand, the process of generating a bitcoin address and associated keys starts with randomly selecting a number between 1 and a bit less than 2^256.

I know that this "bitcoin address space" is huge but if I can avoid my random number generator to use the beginning and end of that address space, that would be better. In order to avoid some standard brute force attack.

Ideally, I'm looking for a program that permits to :

generate a bitcoin address/privatekey pair from a given input number

Example : take number 1234568418715843541357415745243574215345887354854857432541...

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If you generate a Bitcoin address and it has already been used and there are coins in it, is it legal for you to use the coins? And is it moral for you to use the coins?

I would argue that you have gained access to an address against the owners will, and by doing so you've gone to great lengths to defeat security precautions. First, a Bitcoin address is unique and hard to determine for a reason, by getting that address you have to systematically search for them.

(Alternatively, you could check the block chain for recent transactions: Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain.info and get some big addresses there.)

Secondly, you'll still need the private key to make the transaction, so good luck getting that or generating it. But let's assume you do, somehow.

You've clearly done some work to get to these coins, so it's not like you've "found" money on the street. Even if you've found this money, and even if we can accept having the private key or generating it is...

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When do you report an accident, when don’t you, and what are the consequences? Below are some valuable guidelines to help you know what to do if you get in a collision.

Reporting an Accident: No injuries and damages are within your province’s threshold

Police Reporting: Each province sets a dollar value for estimated damages that will determine if you need to involve the police. In Alberta and Ontario, for example, the threshold is $2,000. What’s this mean? You are not required to report an accident to the police if the total damage is less than that outlined by the province. This limit includes the damage to both vehicles.

The limit in Ontario and Alberta used to be $1,000; however, in 2011 Alberta upped the limit to $2,000 while Ontario upped the limit in the fall of 2015.

Insurance Company Reporting: Your insurance policy states that you are required to report all accidents, regardless of the amount of damage. Many drivers believe that if they pay the...

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Grade school essays

By Noel Fisher

What I would do if I were mayor? There are so many things I might want to change; I just might not write them all here. If I were mayor, I would definitely change some of the parks so they are safer and more fun. I would change some of the sports complexes so that they are clean and neat. I think I would renovate all the inns, hotels, motels and apartments.

What I would do if I were mayor is simple, there's not a whole lot. I already said what I want to do about renovation and parks and sports, now I want to talk about the law. There are lots of speeders and robbers on the streets. I would definitely pay so-o much more money to police and fire stations. Plus I want to pay some money to hospitals and doctors' offices to save those people who are hurt.

-- Noel Fisher is a fifth-grader at Broken Arrow School.

By Louisa Holland

If I were mayor, I would support the smoking ban. I would make sure that...

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I think Joe was on the right track. Now, I have to reach back 30 years, so bear with me.

As far as the electron vs. positron goes, I recall that being called a "pair annihilation". The results would be energy in the form of one or more photons, and a neutrino.

Now, the electron vs. proton would really depend on the initial kinetic energy.

I must admit, I cheated on the following explanation. 30 years is a long time.

See below for a "borrowed" explanation from Jim Swenson at the Argonne National Labs (from their Ask A Scientist program):

"If an electron with enough energy collides with a proton, then what happens?
They just form a hydrogen atom?
Or they form a neutron?
If both are possible, then which factor controls the process?
I am asking because I heard that a neutron can decay to a proton and an electron and the reverse is possible.
To form a hydrogen atom, it is required that the electron...

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The law of conservation of momentum says the center of mass of a system will always continue with the same velocity unless something outside the system acts on it with a force. That person has a kinetic energy, and the law of conservation of energy says it must go somewhere, can't just disappear in a crash.

So if the car hits a brick wall, it stops. However, the passenger will continue to move under conservation of momentum until a force stops him. Without a seatbelt or airbag, the force is determined by the mass of the passenger times his rate of deceleration (negative acceleration) upon hitting the interior of the car (dashboard, etc.). Dashboards don't give much so deceleration is very fast, thus the force will be high. This produces what's known as mechanical shock, damaging the...

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Dr. Ed Farrar

Last week, I wrote “we all feel the pain when one of our own is injured.” As I wrote those words, one of our own, Dr. Ed Farrar, lay in critical condition at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, Washington, the victim of a head-on collision with an automobile. Dr. Farrar is well-known in cycling circles, both as a dedicated and enthusiastic cyclist in his own right – he helped found Wenatchee Valley Velo cycling club – as well as a doctor who freely gives of his time and medical knowledge to help his fellow cyclists. He also just happens to be the father of Garmin-Chipotle cyclist Tyler Farrar.

It began the morning of October 22; Dr. Farrar, an orthopedic surgeon, was on his daily morning ride, before beginning his normal day’s routine of surgeries and patient visits. Dr, Farrar was riding uphill on Skyline Drive in Wenatchee; it was 7:15 A.M. Approaching him from the opposite direction was a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria driven by a private security...

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Steve Scalise's Condition Upgraded From Critical to Serious; Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Considering Recusing Himself; American Military Members Still Missing After Bizarre Incident at Sea; An Insider Attack in Camp Shaheen in Northern Afghanistan; American Student Jailed in North Korea Now Back in the U.S.; Criminal Trial of Bill Cosby Dismissed. Aired 7-8p ET

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[19:00:24] ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: Hello. You are in the CNN NEWSROOM. I'm Ana Cabrera. Great to have you with me.

We began with an update now on House majority whip Steve Scalise's condition. Just in the last hour, we learned he had another surgery today. And his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. Scalise was shot on the hip on Wednesday at a practice for the Republican...

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