Is the real's support address?


In Settings -> Addresses, you can organize the funds in your wallet.

This section of your wallet is also where you can view and manage individual addresses.

Organizing your funds

You can organize funds in your wallet however you like. Common ways to organize your funds include dividing them up into categories like spending, savings, or business-related expenses.


Your wallet automatically manages your bitcoin addresses for you by generating a new one each time you need one to receive a payment. You can click on Manage to the right of a category to see all of the individual addresses that have been generated for that specific category.

To create a new address, navigate to the right category, then click on Manage -> Add New Address. Each new address will display below, and you can generate an unlimited number in each category.

Labels for new addresses can be created by clicking Add a Label to the right of each...

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This problem has been getting worse - now there are 3 types of possible answers. If your wallet isn't recovery phrase-based, you probably want the 2nd approach as your old style wallet (the 3rd approach) has been converted by

Case 1: Recovery-Phrase Based Wallet

Note:'s new wallets make use of a bip39 recovery seed to generate EVERY ADDRESS and PRIVATE KEY in your account. At this time it is not possible to extract only 1 address' private key so the only option is to make use of the recovery seed to gain access to the address that has your funds. Extreme care should be taken to perform the following steps on an airgapped/offline machine to preserve the possible integrity of your recovery seed. You may even want to consider this method a fallback/last resort and after completing the recovery actions discard all addresses/wallets/accounts and start a new wallet. You have been...

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О! Через другой браузер копипаст работает. Сейчас покажу.


Can you try clearing all your browser data, including cache & cookies? Please also try logging in via an Incognito window (Chrome). Please check your spam filters and settings. If you continue not to receive authorization emails to your email address, our best current solution is to change the associated email with your wallet using the two factor authorization reset request form.


++Please note the third area of this form labelled "New Email":++

If you have lost access to the email address associated with your wallet or are not receiving authorization emails, enter a new email address here. If the two factor authentication reset request is approved this email address will automatically be set as your new wallet email.

The 2FA reset request process is fully automated with a waiting time of between 7 days - 1 month enforced depending on the...

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Blockchain users,

All Blockchain services have been restored. This includes the blockchain explorer, API functions and of course, the web wallet service.Note that there may be some performance issues as many customers rush in, causing an above average spike of traffic.

You will now be able to access the services exactly as you did before the outage. Just log in using your browser or mobile application and enter your password and second-factor authentication, if enabled. Your wallet has not been affected by the outage and everything should be exactly as you left it.

Thank you for your patience during our service outage. We understand how frustrating it can be to be unable to access funds and we would like to take every precaution necessary to ensure this does not recur. Our team has worked non-stop to ensure services are returned to you in a timely manner.

During the outage, many users gained access to their funds using a wallet backup. We designed the...

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Это ваша лента, где вы будете проводить большую часть времени, получая мгновенные уведомления о том, что интересует именно вас.

Наведите на изображение профиля и нажмите кнопку чтения, чтобы перестать читать любую учетную запись.

Самый быстрый способ поделиться чьим-либо твитом с вашими читателями — ретвитнуть его. Нажмите значок со стрелочками, чтобы мгновенно сделать это.

Поделитесь своими мыслями о любом твите, просто ответив на него. Найдите тему, которая вам интересна, и вступайте в беседу.

Мгновенно узнавайте о том, что обсуждают люди прямо сейчас.

Читайте больше учетных записей, чтобы получать мгновенные обновления о том, что вас больше всего интересует.

Читайте самые последние беседы на любую тему, мгновенно появляющиеся в вашей ленте.

Следите за тем, как разворачиваются лучшие...

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Blockchain has been available on Windows Phone for some time, but we've failed to cover it until now. Billed as the first app on the platform to support Bitcoin, the app enables you to carry out transactions using the Wallet service ( The developer is also the same soul who was behind Web2Tile back in 2011.

So what exactly is Bitcoin? It's an open-source cryptocurrency where the creation and transfer of "bitcoins" is based on a cryptographic protocol that is independent of any central authority. The concept was introduced back in 2008, billed as a "peer-to-peer, electronic cash system". Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer or smartphone without an intermediate financial institution.

Think of it as an online, peer-to-peer, freedom bank.

Each user has a bitcoin address (slightly like email addresses on PayPal), which is essentially a cryptographic public key. Its string of numbers and letters is often stored in a digital...

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Blockchain currently offer users in the UK/EU the option of buying bitcoin within their Blockchain wallet through their partner Coinify. If this service is available in your area you will see the Buy Bitcoin option within your wallet.

Click on Buy Bitcoin and then enter the amount of EUR you would like to spend. Note that the current price per bitcoin will be displayed, along with the amount of bitcoin you would receive for the amount of euros you spend. Click Buy Bitcoin to continue.

Choose your country and select Continue.

Select your preferred payment method and then press Continue to initiate your order.

Once your order is submitted the transaction will be In Review. The exact length of time a transaction takes to complete varies by amount, country and payment option.

That’s everything. From there, your bitcoin purchase is complete and the funds are then automatically sent directly to your Blockchain wallet....

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---- The World's Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet, featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal ----

Join more than 14 million Blockchain wallet users and start using Bitcoin now!

Access your Blockchain wallet on your iPhone or create a new wallet. It's free and takes just a few seconds.

Here's what you'll get:
Ease of use
- Send and receive Bitcoin instantly with anyone in the world
- It's safe, simple, and fun
Peace of mind
- You are the only one who has access to your bitcoins
- You stay in control
High security
- A Security Center to help protect your funds from unauthorized access
- Advanced Two Factor Authentication keeps the bad guys out
- Successfully completed security audits by world-class researchers
- PIN Protection
Excellent customer support at

More features
- Hierarchical deterministic address...

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The world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange and digital wallet provider,, lost some of their clients’ digital savings last night during a scheduled software update that went wrong. The incident was disclosed a few hours ago by the company on Reddit and other social networks such as Twitter.

“When making a scheduled software update overnight to our web-wallet, our development team inadvertently affected a part of our software that ensures private keys are generated in a strong and secure manner”, Blockchain revealed.

The issue affected less than 0.0002% of the company’s user base and “was limited to a few hundred addresses”, between 12:00 am and 2:30 am GMT on 8th December. However, according to Blockchain, the problem “was detected quickly and immediately resolved”.

There are several online discussions about the incident that estimate the loss of 250 BTC amidst the update, an amount of Bitcoin worth around $90,000, reports. A user...

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Our refund service will end on May,10,2017
Dear investors sorry for this database issue we can access to our database so our chat support on our invesment website (NewAgeBank) can`t get on touch on you in chat support. so we decided to refund all your profit and invesment via manual its up to your guys. if your interested if not we are happy..
If you already send the fee charge dont worry if our agent is offline or online not answering your question. Just wait 5mins on processing ..




Any lost amount or btc its not our handle our official refund website : with 3 confirmation.
The list of fake website have don`t have 2 confirmation which is our "NAB" Contact # and our Email account . Any lost amount is not "NAB" team...

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BitTeaser: blockchain-based advertising network

BitTeaser is an advertising network based on delivering ‘teaser’ ads. It aims to become the first such initiative to be built on blockchain technology – allowing absolute and guaranteed fairness, a culture of openness, and full and accessible transparency. All click-throughs will be displayed on the blockchain in real-time and can easily be tracked by users.

BitTeaser helps clients prosper by boosting their business through site promotion – either by receiving high quality traffic, or by renting out advertising space for passive income. The system supports CPM and CPC models, with CPA to be implemented shortly. The minimum price per click is 5 cents....

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