Is there a place or tool to monitor all addresses for unmoved coins?


The bitcoin block chain threw out an interesting statistic yesterday: there were 134,084,960 'Bitcoin Days Destroyed'.

It's the highest number in bitcoin's history so far, beating the previous four record spikes which reached around 52,000,000 Bitcoin Days Destroyed respectively.

The chart below emphasises how dramatic that looks. If you filter this data for coins that are at least one year old, it still looks like this (130,990,276).

This means that a lot of older bitcoins moved yesterday – a lot. Who could it be this time? Again, fingers were pointed at the typical large-volume bitcoin holders: old-time miners, large exchanges, the Winklevii, or "something to do with Silk Road”.

The reality is, we can't know for sure unless there's some other hint.

It's important to note that this figure does not mean 130m bitcoins changed hands. One "Bitcoin Day" is added to every coin for every day it doesn't move to another address.


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Activity monitor is something that I do not use very often – it is just easier for me to work with the DMVs and the rest of the tools out there that show you what really is happening on your server. Although I am not using it, there are DBAs and support guys, who count really much on the Activity Monitor in SQL Server Management Studio. And as every DBA should do, they are all trying to access it remotely instead of RDC-ing the database server with Terminal Services. So far so good. If you are a member of the Local Administrators on the DB Server and sysadmin on the particular instance you want to monitor – everything is just great – you just open a management studio, connect to the instance remotely and start your Activity Monitor. What are you going to do if you are not a Local Administrator and you are still a junior DBA, not blessed with sysadmin permissions over the SQL Server instances? Well here comes the interesting stuff. Here is how to enable Activity Monitor for remote...

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Coindata.IO is a cliometric based trading tool with several great features that other apps don't have. On the contrary of Forex trading, in the Bitcon / Altcoin world you can see trading volumes on the exchanges. Why volume matters? You can see the whales' trading intentions through the volume they trade: buy / sell walls appearing / disappearing, preparing to pump or dump the actual coin you trade.


A big table with every coins in one place traded on Poloniex and Bittrex Actual volume of every ticker on the exchanges (Poloniex, Bittrex supported at the moment) Past daily trading volumes Past average buy / sell volumes Buy / sell volume changes in percentage Low / High prices of every coins Daily price change Price excursion: check if price already spiked up / down or if it's in accumulation state Jump to the relevant exchange page to begin trading 4 hours and 30 minutes candlestick charts with live data Buy / sell volume chart Notification if a coin is...
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Bitcoin’s price (BTC/USD) jumped sharply higher this weekend, rising by as much as 10% to $254 on BTC-e.

Historically, such price swings are not uncommon for bitcoin. But the sudden rise broke what had been yet another lengthy stretch of some of the quietest trade in recent memory.

Bitcoin spent the majority of last week dabbling in the low $230s, barely budging more than 1% in either direction. Historically, lengthy stretches of abnormally quiet behavior are frequently compensated for with major moves in either direction.

Bitcoin’s flat activity helped it gravitate back toward its 50-day moving average (MA), which it had been straddling for nearly two weeks. The jump sent it well clear of this mark, which has now settled to below $230. Its distance from this mark is now similar to that of two weeks ago when bitcoin jumped above $260 and to that in late January when bitcoin briefly jumped past $300. Bitcoin has not traded this far above the MA since last...

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Yeah, I know. It happens to everyone. You’re waiting for the final showdown and then that happens. It’s an ending I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, so here’s my take on it.

“Once you quit hearing ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’, the rest is soon to follow.”

Sheriff Bell’s traditionalist attitude is the main target of criticism in the book and film. It’s parodied slightly in the discussion with the El Paso sheriff, where he laments the rise of “kids with green hair and bones in their noses” and dismantled by Ellis (you know, the cat man), when he describes a similarly brutal murder which took place years and years ago in 1909. Likewise, Wells and Chigurh are both arguably psychopathic killers and yet both address people by “sir” throughout the film, in spite of what Bell says.

It’s a pretty obvious theme – but worth bearing in mind when it comes to the death of Llewelyn. See, No Country for Old Men takes its name from the first line of ‘Sailing...

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I have a client that provides some server systems to a hospital, and a support ticket was raised that the desktop application was hanging waiting for the server. We did some extensive testing and its pretty clear that the server is responsive, and the network is fine, and that the problem is on the client end. (no requests are received during the hang etc...)

We take a look at the desktop machines and they should be fine, so we raise tickets with the software vendor who says that it must be the hardware, the hardware company says that it is the software, etc etc

Anyway, so talking to the nurses, they say that these machines often "hang" for 30 seconds at a time, and sometimes during important moments where they need to get data for a patient who is unwell, such as charts and status.

So I want to stick a client on these machines that would be able to detect arbitrary "unresponsiveness" of the keyboard/mouse and log that for analysis later.

Obviously I am...

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Help > Getting Started > Adding Existing Files to the Library

Adding Media Files to the Library allows you to create Playlists and AutoPlaylists as well as keep track of play counts. You can access Media Files not in the Library through the My Computer node, but play counts won't be remembered for this node.

Manually Scanning Files into the Library

To manage your Media Files, you'll want to add them to the Library. This is done automatically the first time the application is run. Subsequently, you can initiate this process manually:

Select File > Add/Rescan files to the Library on the main menu, or press . Choose which Drive, Folder or Network Location you wish to add. If you wish to enter a network path, type the path you wish to scan, enclosed in quotes and use the Add button. Use the File Types button to select which Media Files should be added to your Library. Use the Options button to change the options affecting scanning of files. Enable Hide...
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Windows allows us to easily share files and folders with other people on our network; but some of us may want to know when someone else is accessing our shared files and folders. I am going to show everyone 4 different methods to do just that.

Computer Management

For all its faults, Windows has a lot of features. In fact, many people outside the tech circle don’t even know most of them. Computer Management is one of these features. From Computer Management, users can do many things. Amongst these “many things”, users have the ability to

See all the folders they are sharing (Computer Management -> System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Shares);See who (from their network) is connected to their computer (Computer Management -> System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Sessions);What shared files are opened (Computer Management -> System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Open Files).

You also have the ability to create new shares, stop sharing specific shares, disconnect...

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ClickMonitorDDC can adjust brightness and contrast of external monitors by using DDC-protocol over monitor-cable (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA).
Nearly all monitors support DDC-protocol, but some monitors may not work because of faulty or no DDC-protocol. A few monitors allow to deactivate DDC-protocol,
this is not recommended, also windows makes use of DDC to find out about best resolution.
Some monitors offer special modes with fixed brightness/contrast for games etc. In this case adjusting values will fail.

ClickMonitorDDC is managed by its notification icons, therfore make sure that these icons are not hidden, but shown on the taskbar notification area.
Windows 7: right click taskbar, click properties, click customize notification area.
Windows 10: right click taskbar, Settings, Select which icons appear on the taskbar.
If you want to change the sequence of taskbar icons, simply drag and drop the...

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You already know about systeminfo, as per the question. And as Mat noted in a comment, the mem command doesn't tell you what you want to know.

JP Software's TCC/LE has the built-in MEMORY command, which operates thus:

[C:\]memory 30 % Memory load 3,471,441,920 bytes total physical RAM 2,428,456,960 bytes available physical RAM 5,440,962,560 bytes total page file 4,505,726,976 bytes available page file 2,147,352,576 bytes total virtual RAM 2,053,435,392 bytes available virtual RAM 262,144 characters total alias 262,143 characters free 20,480 characters total history [C:\]

It also has the @WINMEMORY[] variable function, which can be used in various ways:

[C:\]echo There are %@COMMA[%@WINMEMORY[2]] available bytes physical RAM. There are 2,456,285,184 available bytes physical RAM. [C:\]

Bundled with Windows comes the msinfo32 command, whose output can be restricted more narrowly than that of systeminfo:

msinfo32 /categories...
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A computer monitor, technically termed as a visual display unit, can be plainly described as an electronic device that transmits information from the computer onto a screen, thereby acting as an interface and connecting the viewer with the computer. At present, computer monitors are available in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. However, based on the technology used to make computer monitors, they can be broadly categorized into three types.

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) LED (Light-Emitting Diodes)

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitors

These monitors employ the CRT technology used most commonly in the manufacturing of television screens. In this, a stream of intense high energy electrons is used to form images on a fluorescent screen. A cathode ray tube is a basically a vacuum tube containing an electron gun at one end and a fluorescent screen at another end. From this electron gun, a process called thermionic emission generates a...

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The US now has an economy with a split personality: Some of it is strong, and some of it is weak.

On the positive side, business is showing remarkable productivity growth. Consumers are taking advantage of low interest rates to refinance mortgages, and they're using the money to buy new cars or take vacations. The federal government is adding money to the whole mix through election-year spending and tax cuts.

But on the negative side, manufacturing is wavering again, and job growth has stalled. Surprisingly, the housing market robust all year seems to have taken a breather. And the stock markets, after recovering some in August, have gone back into a swoon.

Economists believe that this mix of strength and weakness probably means the Federal Reserve, which meets tomorrow, will not do anything to interest rates for the ninth month in a row. "There are some indications it might have to lower rates at some point, but not while there is so much uncertainty about...

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Building your email list should be a top priority for all marketers.

With Facebook continuing to limit how many people see your posts and Twitter click-through rates declining, email is becoming an increasingly important channel for marketers.

There are a number of different ways you can build your email list, but none more effective than through your website.

In this post, we wanted to share with you a couple of different ways you can use your website to build your list, as well as a few tools that can help you make it happen.

Popups & Slide-ins

Popups & slide-ins are separate boxes that either pop up or slide in somewhere on your website to collect people’s email addresses.

They are undoubtedly the most effective method of building your email list.

When popular SEO blog Backlinko added an exit-intent popup (a popup that only shows when people go to leave your site), they doubled their email subscribe rate overnight. They...

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Troubleshooting does not have to be expensive, nor does daily administration of your mail servers and messaging environment. There are, in fact, a wealth of resources available for Exchange administrators to monitor health, administer users, migrate mailboxes to the cloud and even take care of old data that is stored insecurely and uncatalogued. But it's often difficult to know where to look for these software assists.

These tools are all aimed at Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 and up, including Exchange Online and Office 365, although I have noted where previous versions of Exchange are supported by each of these tools.

Out of the 10 tools shown here, nine are free; all should be part of any Exchange administrator's...

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