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Hi All, does anyone have good documentation or information on best practices on webapps and app pools I read in some sites that now MS recommends a single webapp with multiple host headed site collections. I feel a little bit uneasy about having a si
What's the difference between non-standard and invalid? Invalid transactions double-spend coins, try to redeem an output in such a way that the script returns false, or are formatted incorrectly. Invalid transactions are always rejected. One invalid
I had a horrendus time doing this because of the fact that the jar is not available in a public site. Their docs to install it in a local repo and point maven at it seemed promising, but in the end I can tell you the best way: Start by forking a Java
At Datto, we use JSON-RPC based APIs very heavily, in particular with our PHP JSON-RPC library php-json-rpc. While JSON-RPC is not as wide spread as REST, it fits our needs quite nicely. In particular, it is protocol independent and can be used over
I'm developing web application, that communicates with bitcoind through JSON rpc api. Sometimes sendtoaddress call takes 30+ seconds to perform which is too long, as to me. Bitcoind version 100100 is installed on 8Gb RAM VPS
I need some help with using JSON and the bitcoin / blockexplorer json calls. I'm not even sure if this is going to work. Basically I'm trying to validate a bitcoin wallet address
The formula for the remaining balance on a loan can be used to calculate the remaining balance at a given time(time n), whether at a future date or at present. The remaining balance on a loan formula shown is only used for a loan that is amortized, m
with webcoin-bitcoin-testnet Before we begin, a little more on Node for context—unlike iTunes or Photoshop, you won’t be able to launch Node from your dock or taskbar. You will be using command line instructions via a tool such as Terminal or Windows
Every blockRefreshInterval milliseconds, the stratum server checks the bitcoin core node, via RPC, for new blocks using getblocktemplate. If there hasn't been a new block since the last time getblocktemplate was called, then it sets the current job,