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If you are not yet confortable with the notion of ownership and parent/child in React, take a look at my previous post. How to communicate between React components ? That’s a good question, and there are multiple answers. That depends of the relation
You can use the listtransactions JSON-RPC call to get the complete list of transactions that have to do with your addresses. This includes both sends and receives. You can filter for the transaction you're looking for by the category (should be "send
As far as i know, you are running the bitcoind client as it should be run. You need to explicitly say that you want your bitcoind to be run as a daemon. try changing your server=1 configuration lines to this (your comment may have inadvertently messe
Hiho mates. I got strange trouble with blockchain's receive api v2. Someone make transfer with HD temporary address generated by API
FROM THIS QUESTION How to keep history of record updates in MySQL? One simple way to keep version history is to create basically an identical table (eg. with _version suffix). Both of the tables would have a version field, which for the main table yo
You can use the Braintree Control Panel to create transactions manually. Credit card transactions can be created either on new credit cards or on those already stored in the Vault. For other payment types (e
One thing that I wonder is, is there a best-practise approach on running bitcoind on another server that acts as backend for a particular other server? I thought of something like that: I have a vServer A and a plain and simple PHP-Webspace at anothe
It is now possible to determine the list of addresses that sent a transaction using the raw transaction JSON-RPC API calls that were released with bitcoind and bitcoin-qt version 0. 7. The pseudo-code to accomplish this is: txid = addresses = [] raw_
I want to create a website which involves the creation of a new single-use address that a user would send bitcoins to. I'd like to know programmatically when the user has sent bitcoins to the address so the website can post a "thank you" note (or do
The original structure of your accounts (yes, multiple accounts are supported!) is stored in the same directory, inside a SQLite database (named gmail. db by default) where we also store the state of our last backup. We know that this kind of storage