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Here is a very natural idea: an entity creates a new virtual currency with the following properties: Only that entity has the capability to issue new quantities of that currency That entity makes some type of legally binding promise to always buy and
The term "bubble," in the financial context, generally refers to a situation where the price for an asset exceeds its fundamental value by a large margin. During a bubble, prices for a financial asset or asset class are highly inflated, bearing littl
I'm pretty sure you'll never get an accurate number. I'm not even clear what you mean by transferred into the bitcoin economy. If I bought $100 worth of bitcoins 3 years ago, do we count that as $100 or the value of the BTC now? If I buy a bitcoin fo
Nowadays, Bitcoin does not appear to be as volatile a currency as it was before. However, its value can move up or down within a few minutes. Here, we will find out about Arbitrage, which is used by traders who want to earn money by taking advantage
I like this question1 - we don't get many big picture questions. How could Bitcoin change the world? A mature digital cryptocurrency could reduce trade barriers and thus increase the rate of productivity dispersion throughout society. As money is a f
Bitcoin was the first, the most well known and thus has the most network effect. The network effect is extremely important and there are examples were better technologies lost to the competition because of the latter's network effect. In addition, be
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To be honest, no one knows. Assumptions or guesses about the future are exactly that, just assumptions. We could however look at what could make the price go up or down
The Bitcoin price is the result of a free market. There is no central authority that could by order "pump money into the system". This currently happens anyway - but decentralized