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URL character limit for get requests Here is an excerpt on URL length limitations for Internet Explorer; use it as a baseline (certain browsers such as Opera support longer URLs): "Microsoft Internet Explorer has a maximum uniform resource locator (U
Bitcoin transactions - at least the part that ends up on the block chain - should only contain whatever is necessary for the world to validate them. Anything else is pushing extra costs (bandwidth, storage) to everyone who wants to run a full node, a
Upon establishing a connection, the node will start a "handshake" (see Figure 6-4) by transmitting a version message, which contains basic identifying information, including: PROTOCOL_VERSION A constant that defines the bitcoin P2P protocol version t
However, if provided a message, an address, and a signature of the message by the respective private key, it is possible to recover the public key which you can use. It's not quite so simple however - most public key encryption schemes have a limit o
Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview The Integration Services SendMail task only supports mail messages in plain text format. However you can easily send HTML mail messages by using the Script task and the mail capabilities of the . NET Framework
If I want to prove that I wrote a particular document before a certain point in time, it would be sufficient to generate the sha256 hash of the document and somehow arrange for that hash to appear in the blockchain. Is there an easy way to do that si