Questions on: miner-configuration

This is real ZCash pool mining on Suprnova. cc using nheqminer by nicehash - this is not renting your rig for someone else to mine using nicehash, it is only using their miner to mine on your own through the suprnova mining pool. Note that ZCash is s
I followed this tutorial https://litecoin. info/Debian_Linux_cryptocoin_mining_rig_setup_guide and set up a Mining rig (Debian 6. 0
Stick with Google and use STunnel to avoid TLS There is a useful article describing how to get this to work here: https://groups. google. com/a/googleproductforums
I run 2 instances of cgminers because I have two cards one which performs better for SHA256 and the other performs better for the SCRYPT algorithm. Effectively increased my hash rate by 10 percent doing this. The only problem is when you use --auto-f
I built a mining rig with 3 Radeon 6850 GPUs. When I run one miner (either Phoenix or m0mchil's poclbm) it reports a hash rate of a little over 200 Mhash/sec. When I fire up a second miner pointed at a different GPU, the hash rate of both miners is a
No there is not. The ATI Catalyst driver implements OpenCL, which is what GPU miners use to accelerate the SHA256 hashing used in mining. The open source driver does not implement OpenCL
So is there a nice tutorial which explains how to start mining using FPGA. Not really, not a "starting from scratch" one. Or this is so complicated? Yes, it is quite complicated - in order to work with FPGAs, some additional skills on top of software
If you're using Bitcoin Core just for your own personal use, you probably don't need the -txindex=1 option. But, if you're using Bitcoin core for development or blockchain analysis of some sort, you will need to set -txindex=1 to be able to get trans
Mobile Mining / Mineral Collection Software V3. 21 This gets a ship to mine/collect rocks and deliver to a home base or trade them locally A big thanks to co-authors Lucike and SymTec ltd.