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The BFL single produces high stale rates on P2Pool because of the way its firmware is designed. The BFL does 2^32 hashes and then reports any shares found. This takes it about 5 seconds
Transaction fees have been a part of the Bitcoin protocol from the beginning. They are a core part of the protocol and are designed to be the long term incentive for miners. And, Yes, miners will often exclude transactions without fees (or give them
One compute-intensive part of the server work is creating new merkle roots. As mckoss mentions this becomes a lot faster if you only recalculate the merkle branch that is changed by the new generation transaction instead of recalculating the entire m
With the recent (early 2014) GHash. io concerns about that particular mining pool getting too big, many people have talk about what a powerful miner could do if it wanted to "harm" bitcoin or double-spend, etc. At one point someone pointed on that if
*/ public function createConnection($dsn, array $config, array $options) { $username = array_get($config, 'username'); $password = array_get($config, 'password'); return new PDO($dsn, $username, $password, $options); } */ public function createConnec
I think it will roughly (~1%) be the same, otherwise no-one would stay at Slush or GHash. IO, if one of them has obvious lower rewards. In your previous question I answered that there are differences in the way your share is calculated, and thus the
I don't know whether there is historical data, although there might be a list of IP addresses in early versions of the bitcoin core software that were tried first to find working peers. (Maybe not, I vaguely remember some IRC channel being used to fi
eu/gettingstarted I'm trying to run the miner from behind a firewall. My browser uses an HTTP proxy to get to the internet, and as I understand it I should be able to use a similar method to connect my Litecoin miner to a pool. So far, I've modified
*** See my important announcement below before continuing! *** With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite, Minecraft stopped working for anyone who has updated (or any new Yosemite users, such as a new computer purchase). Mojang is of little help so far a