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I recently open Bitcoin Pie, a site that compares crypto-currencies. Given the exchange rate in BTC, I would like to add another column that tells "relative mining profitability", regardless of the hardware used. So, if at a given moment, BTC mines a
An interesting question, but I don't think block difficulty is aimed to solve this problem. However, I anticipate that the free market would solve the question as posed. In short, if we have an off-peak hour that provides a lower expectation of BTC p
10 years from now is a long time, and you should expect additional transaction fees by then, plus many more (different) incentives to mine. As of late summer 2013 the ASIC market is saturated in my opinion, and the difficulty spikes will continue to
I'm a newer enthusiast to the world of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, but I can try to help answer your questions as best as possible (or more just take a shot in the dark for fun): My guess is that the cause of this slight loss of momentum in the minin
[A2A on 2016–05–08 - lots of other answers are much older and no longer valid] Bitcoin mining is a zero sum game. By design. On average, miners lose money
Yes 620 watts is the same as 0. 62 kilowatts. But while technically accurate it is confusing to say "620w of energy an hour"
This is largely what the sCrypt() based forks are intended for - both utilizing un-tapped CPU power on dedicated rigs or allowing casual miners to use their CPUs. At present, the difficulty on the Bitcoin network is so high that it's not even a quest
You really need to take into account some important factors, which that calculator is missing: The current rate of increase in difficulty The expected delivery of the mining hardware The cost of the mining hardware The cost of running the mining hard
Meni Rosenfeld's formula is what you are you are looking for. It is not possible to calculate the production cost of one bitcoin because of these two variables: E - the mining efficiency, measured in MHash/J. c - the cost of electricity, measured in
Before we start, if you’re new to Bitcoin mining and don’t know what it is watch this short and simple explanation: “Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable in 2016?“ The short answer would be “It depends on how much you’re willing to spend”. Each person asking