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Before we start, if you’re new to Bitcoin mining and don’t know what it is watch this short and simple explanation: “Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable in 2016?“ The short answer would be “It depends on how much you’re willing to spend”. Each person asking
I understand that some people have access to cheaper electricity than others. However why not just open mining facilities in the parts of the world offering the lowest cost structure? If that is not possible, then a joint miner with those miners woul
I've never heard of Bitcoins, what exactly are they? Developed in 2009, Bitcoin (frequently referred to as BTC) is a digital form of currency, revolutionizing the world by becoming the first online currency able to be traded between individuals witho
TL;DR - There's not enough coin for everyone on earth to have 1, or even 0. 01 -- the value will eventually adjust once early adopters sell their massive stores of coin, thereby spreading the coin around. Aside from what others have mentioned, here's
This is a loaded question, as it assumes that profitability will tend towards 0. However, for any given piece of mining hardware it's almost certainly a fair assumption for the foreseeable future that it's profitability will tend towards zero. This i
Initially we re-launched ethpool. org as a simple solo mining pool where the block finder gets 100% of the block reward. We could confirm quite quickly that mining ethereum is subject to an incredible high variance
why not verify it against the APIs? step 1. find all the pools that have correct up to date APIs, including PPS, SMPPS, PPLNS, etc. step 2
Intro Lately, I’ve been trying to earn some money by mining the Bitcoin alternatives, Litecoin. After creating a Guide on How to Start Mining Quarkcoins I made this Guide for How to Mine Litecoins on Windows. If you have spare AMD Radeon graphics car
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