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Generating (coinbase) transaction is a special transaction which must be contained in each block. Usually this transaction is composed by a miner. The following rules are to be kept: There is only one generating transaction in a block
Pirates beware! Stellenbosch-based anti-piracy startup, Custos Media Technologies, has made a deal with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa to help it grow and bring their services to a wider market. Under the agreement, TIA will p
Short answer, but it really only scratches the surface: The same process that is called "mining" also creates those Bitcoins. Meaning, you actually create them yourself but it can only done by solving a very difficult mathematical problem. The first
Start by logging into your router’s administration interface. Most routers can be configured using one of the following URLs, so keep clicking links until you find one that works. If none work, consult your router’s manual
Wonderful texture pack. Best I've seen so far. Placing blocks just because they look nice, and I've never done that before
I created a duplicate issue about this (#578) I understand that it may be a good idea to remove extra whitespace in many use cases, but I really would prefer there be an option to load the extra whitespace accurately, especially when there's nothing
Introduction David Chaum introduced digital cash as a research topic in 1983, in a setting with a central server that is trusted to prevent double-spending[Cha83]. To mitigate the privacy risk to individuals from this central trusted party, and to en
We invented a non-volatile deflationary crypto-currency and now engage a team of specialists. English forum section about non-volatile deflationary crypto-currencies - forum. cryptocoins
At the time of writing, at block 421118 (July 17 2016, 11:30 am UTC), the Bitcoin network has 15763823. 60473783 BTC in circulation. This number is computed by inspecting the set of all unspent transaction outputs in the database of a fully verifying