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Originally Posted by TheIronWolfFrom my observations, GPUs usually throttle when they overheat (at least for HD6990). What really helps overheating is fpscaps, which I see you are using. I cannot comment on triple monitor scenario - I am single monit
A. In an imperative programming language, statements are executed in sequence, and each statement may change the program's state. So analyzing translation units is inherently sequential
There isn't a single "standard" for residential circuits in the U. S. but there might be a typical circuit, such as 20 amps
Playing by the rules, doing the right thing is of the utmost importance. This often times causes situations that are much harder to deal with or endure, as well more expensive. Understanding that when we buy from a company we advocate for them, throu
Ever wanted to fit a gfx-card to a pci-e 1x slot, here is how. For actual usage you should probably use something like this http://goo. gl/rcKGqG for a 1x to 16x adapter and http://goo
Mining on a GPU, especially on less powerful ones like the ones found in laptops is highly inefficient. You can find out exactly how much you can potentially earn or lose from various Bitcoin calculators, like mine for example. If you are worried abo
You don't need a wallet if you are mining at a pool. The coins are kept at your account in their website and you can use them from there. If you want to transfer them to your computer, then yes, you need to download the bitcoin client which automatic
Hello Jason, Okay, it looks like the previous posts didn't help you. I'm not familiar with FPGA HW cosimulation, which is basically having an FPGA being used as HW accelerator for a simulator running on a PC. I'm assuming that you have a flow that yo
Idein, a Japanese startup, has been working with a Raspberry Pi compute module to create Actbulb, a multi-functional device for applications using computational sensing and data analysis, and that fits in a regular light bulb socket. But for their in
Now that OS X Yosemite is available, many users may wish to create a bootable installer drive from something like a USB flash thumb drive or another disk. This allows for several things, the ability to upgrade multiple Macs without having to re-downl