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How to calculate the target from bitsLet's start with a block-header, always 80-bytes that looks like this: 04000000b9e2784a84e5d2468cee60ad14e08d0fee5dda49a37148040000000000000000e9dd2b13157508891880ef68729a1e5ecdde58062ebfa214a89f0141e5a4717faefd2b
What is Bitcoin Mining?New to bitcoin? Get started with Localbitcoins – easy way to buy small amounts of bitcoin with cash Bitcoin mining is making computers do complex math problems to help run the Bitcoin network, and miners are paid with bitcoin f
Thanks for clearing that up. I need to get my information from better sources.
This might only be an issue with the terminology, but when a transaction is "mined", it is included in a block. You could do that of course, if you were contributing blocks to the Bitcoin network, but the computing power of the network has grown to l
Bitcoin Mining Hardware ComparisonCurrently, based on (1) price per hash and (2) electrical efficiency the best Bitcoin miner options are: AntMiner S7 4. 73 Th/s 0. 25 W/Gh 8
I am using 4 BITMAIN Antminer U2, on a usb hub plugged into one usb port on my pc. Do I put 4 workers into one config file or do I make multiple config files? I was using just one worker for all 4 of the antminer's but I am trying to make 4 workers f
One focused on validation latency, one on bandwidth and latency. Bitcoin Core has a validation cache of transactions it sees unconfirmed on the network, this allows the most expensive operations (executing the script, and validating signatures) to ha
A is protected by adding coinbase transaction with himself's bitcoin address. from https://en. bitcoin
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