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It is an frequently occurring but incorrect assumption that the purpose of mining is creating bitcoins. The reason mining exists, is finding blocks, so that a global consensus about the order of valid transactions can be established. Mining is hard b
For anyone who's googling, or just looking around, checking vertcoin cgminer configs: I've got multiple GPUs (2) for vertcoin mining: 1x Sapphire HD 5850 Toxic 1x Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X OC (GV-R928XOC-3GD) I don't know if the results are that good,
As you mentioned, bringing coins into the network is one of the main purposes of mining. But this reward is just an incentive to do the other more important part of mining: 'processing' transactions. ImmutabilityAs detailed here, when a block has bee
It is useful to the currency itself. Bitcoin tries to be a democratic currency rather than being controlled by a central authority. Democracy means that the majority of people rule by their vote
Trying to use Folding@home as a way to secure Bitcoin would be really hard if not impossible. You would need to encode Bitcoin-related data into your result (merkle root, previous block hash, etc. )
This is essentially correct: the protocol leaves it up to the miner to decide which transactions to include in a block. There is no requirement for them to include any transactions at all, other than the "coinbase" transaction which specifies where t
Yes and no. When a new block is created, everyone on the network must discard old work and use the new information provided (assuming they don't want to create forks). It does lead to some small performance loss
One of scrypt design goals was to make CPU and GPU performance balanced, which meant that it was far more dependent on memory speed. The GPU had a solid work around and as far as I know CPUs don't have any advantage. But that did cause it basically i
But the timestamp (block header field) is hashed? How is that useful to the blockchain? Surely the time the new block is announced to the blockchain is the time value that is recorded? – AnonymousAug 27 '13 at 13:23 @Anonymous: The network isn't a mo