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Solving SHA256 hash problems on Bitcoin is useful in the sense that secures the Bitcoin blockchain, but if your question is: "why can't it do something computationally useful as a side-effect?", then I think the answer is "we don't know how". For Bit
If there are to be people that only mine Bitcoins for living, mining has to be profitable. However, it needn't be only profitable through transaction fees and block rewards. People could subsidize the miners if needed be
Bitcoin becomes very insecure if miners stop mining. Think of how easy a 51% attack would be to pull off. However, I disagree with your assumption that miners will stop
Wonderful texture pack. Best I've seen so far. Placing blocks just because they look nice, and I've never done that before
Actual answer to your question: Nothing protects the stability of bitcoin's value if supercomputers or some other technological breakthrough allows them to be mined at rates we have not anticipated. .
The BFL single produces high stale rates on P2Pool because of the way its firmware is designed. The BFL does 2^32 hashes and then reports any shares found. This takes it about 5 seconds
I have tried to quantify under what circumstances a 51% attack can and can't be done in the comments to a sister answer, and a couple of people pulled me up on the mathematical ins and outs. So I thought I would write this down exactly, at best I wil
Can the same miner / address / person be chosen to create multiple blocks in a row Yes, a single entity can mine multiple blocks in a row with no ill effect. are there some mechanisms preventing [multiple blocks in a row from one entity] from happeni
No one does. Bitcoin have their value because people want to pay for it. When you buy a bitcoin, you buy it from another person
However, for lower transaction commit latency, application developers can specify that redo be written asynchronously so that transactions need not wait for the redo to be on disk and can return from the COMMIT call immediately. Overview of Autonomou