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Don't trust MtGox or any exchange to store your BTC. Any BTC on an exchange is at risk of being lost, stolen, or made inaccessible. So keep your BTC stash in your own cold storage
MtGox has millions of USD missing according to the latest news reports. The final draft of what, where, how and why has yet to be published by the administrator however. Some customers who lost money with MtGox are under the false impression that sin
Unfortunately, the Mt. Gox API does not support JSONP nor CORS at the time of this writing. It seems like it would be easy enough for them to add JSONP support, so if they add it in the near future, this answer should help; until then, however, this
ObservationsMt. Gox is currently offering neither fiat withdrawals, nor Bitcoin withdrawals. No withdrawals means that the Mt
I would say that the depth feed you are reading is of the orders coming in, before they are matched. Those orders would feed into the matching engine which would make fair trades off those orders. It is not possible to or desirable to make an optimal
I am trying to place a new order using Mt. Gox's submit an order API call. However I keep on getting the error object { result: 'error', error: 'Bad API call' } I'm fairly certain I'm doing everything right, except I suppose the order Id which is ref
Mt. Gox publishes live data which is available at mtgoxlive. com
Lloyd's answer using blockchain sounds like the best if you haven't already bought the UKash vouchers. If you do have the UKash, then an alternative is to deposit UKash at VirWoX, then convert to SLL, then to BTC. I just tried it
The important answer is on https://support. mtgox. com/entries/20568322-all-eur-transactions-will-be-temporarily-suspended-within-europe-with-immediate-effect quote : "While Bitcoin at a European level is so far not directly impacted by this decision
We don't want two users both running through that same sequence at the same time, where both pass the "look up whether code is spent" check, then both accounts get credited, etc. .