Mtgox max bid higher than min ask


I would say that the depth feed you are reading is of the orders coming in, before they are matched.

Those orders would feed into the matching engine which would make fair trades off those orders.

It is not possible to or desirable to make an optimal trade at any given instant. this can be due to network latency (etc) and because someone might think it would be better to make a trade, that was slightly less than optimal, than to miss out on making a trade (but still not too much up or down);

For example: What you will probably find is that if you put in an order to buy 10 btc at $100 but someone else has put in a sell order for 10 at $99 you order will convert to a trade of $99. The buyer and the seller both get what they wanted.

Like wise if one seller was willing to sell 5 btc at $95 and someone else was willing 5 btc at $100 you would end up with 2 partial fills to complete the trade.

Back in the day on stock markets (i.e., not btc) the...

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Hi. I'm reposting from the Newbies forum:

caling getDepth.php I stumbled on some data that contains bids that are higher than asks. That can be seen in orderbook data with the following unix timestamps (for getting human readable date use $date -d@[unixtime]:
















So does MtGox stream "orders as arrived" without any processing or is this some kind of anomaly? From 6. 2011 till 9. 2012 with about 3min resolution I counted around 300 instances of such anomalies. Any thoughts on what could be going on? Is this common in other exchanges as...

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You can see the overhead because minmax isn't completely obfuscated. Simply type

edit minmax

And you will see the function!

It appears that there is a data-type conversion to'format',x,'Data');, which will not be the case for min or max and could be costly. This is for use with MATLAB's neural networking (nn) tools as minmax belongs to that toolbox.

In short, min and max are lower-level, compiled functions (hence they are fully obfuscated), which don't require functionality from the nn toolbox.


Here is a slightly more isolated benchmark, without your windowing and using timeit instead of the profiler. I've also included timings for just the data conversion used in minmax! The test gets the min and max of each row in a large matrix, see here the output plot and code below...

It appears that there is a linear relationship between number of rows and time taken (as expected for a linear operator),...

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So, my impression was actually that daily budget is really more like monthly budget. In other words, google caps at the month, rather than the day???

They also indicate that some days you might get more (or less) exposure than your daily budget would allow... with the understanding that everything would balance by the end of the month (so that, on average, you will have spent your daily budget).

I took the above to mean that, when you set your daily budget, you are really setting a monthly limit, and Google would be able to accommodate a higher CPC than the daily budget would allow -- result being that google simply would adjust and not bid every day.

BUT... it sounds like you are saying this might be incorrect? It sounds like the daily budget will actually take precedence, and if auctions cannot be accomplished for a number less than the daily budget, then our ads simply will not show, regardless of how little we have spent by the middle of the...

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Entering a maximum bid is easy...

Place a bid higher than the asking or current bid, and your maximum bid will be registered.

It is not possible to outbid your OWN bid amount.

Only if someone else has placed a higher bid, or if someone else bids at the same time will the bid amount change.

We highly encourage the use of the max bid feature so that you don't miss any opportunities to increase your bids close to the end. max bid feature bids on your behalf without your intervention, and other bidders cannot see your maximum bid. Subject to your secret maximum bid, the software is programmed to bid only as much as necessary for you to win the goods.

To change your maximum bid, simply enter a new amount that is at least the current bid amount (you can now lower your bid to the current price. You can increase by just bidding a higher...

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What is 'Bid And Asked'

A two-way price quotation that indicates the best price at which a security can be sold and bought at a given point in time.The bid price represents the maximum price that a buyer or buyers are willing to pay for a security. The ask price represents the minimum price that a seller or sellers are willing to receive for the security. A trade or transaction occurs when the buyer and seller agree on a price for the security.

The difference between the bid and asked prices, or the spread, is a key indicator of the liquidity of the asset - generally speaking, the smaller the spread, the better the liquidity.

Also known as bid and ask, bid-ask or bid-offer.


The average investor has to contend with the bid and asked spread as an implied cost of trading. For example, if the current price quotation for security A is $10.50 / $10.55, investor X who is looking to buy A at the current market price would...

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I have a data set containing bid and ask quotes for 3 days and a stock. Following is the portion of the dataset. I have also given a link to the sample data set to illustrate the pecularity of the matter.

> dput(head(q,30)) structure(list(Date = structure(c(1471424400, 1471424400, 1471424400, 1471424401, 1471424401, 1471424406, 1471424407, 1471424415, 1471424417, 1471424514, 1471424527, 1471424567, 1471424576, 1471424606, 1471424607, 1471424621, 1471424621, 1471424621, 1471424641, 1471424642, 1471424715, 1471424715, 1471424717, 1471424717, 1471424741, 1471424741, 1471424742, 1471424793, 1471424800, 1471424807), class = c("POSIXct", "POSIXt" ), tzone = "UTC"), Type = c("ASK", "BID", "ASK", "BID", "ASK", "ASK", "BID", "BID", "BID", "ASK", "ASK", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "ASK", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID", "ASK", "BID", "BID", "BID", "BID"), Price = c(1749.95, 1611, 1683.9, 1653, 1672, 1683.9, 1653, 1654.2, 1663, 1682, 1663, 1664.75, 1663,...
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To increase your chances of winning, it's always best to enter the highest amount you'd pay for the item you're interested in. This is often not what you end up paying.

Here's why: Once you enter your highest amount, eBay will automatically bid on your behalf up to this maximum. If the item ends for less than your maximum, that's all you'll have to pay.

Here's an example:

1. You enter a $50 bid for a picture ($50 is the highest amount you'd pay for this item).

2. eBay compares your bid to those of other bidders.

3. The bidding ends at $10.

4. You'll only have to pay $10, not $50! Why? eBay will only use as much of your bid as necessary to win.

Just enter your highest maximum bid once, and eBay will take care of the bidding for you. In this way, you could pay significantly less than the amount you...

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When you bid on a lot, you may choose to place a max bid (maximum bid) representing the highest amount that you're willing to pay at the moment.

Our automatic bidding technology will then place bids on your behalf. It will always place the lowest bid necessary and never go higher than your max bid.

If you're the first to place a bid on a lot without a reserve price, the bidding technology will place the lowest accepted bid amount for that lot.

If you bid on an auction with a reserve price, the bid agent will try to bid the amount of the reserve price so you can actually win the auction. It will never bid higher than your max bid amount.

If someone bids against you, the bidding technology will attempt to bid one bid step higher so as to give you a possibility to win the auction. Again, it will never bid higher than your max bid amount.

During the auction, you can change your maximum bid at any time: Just place a new bid for a different amount. You...

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It's possible that if the video is extremely long, that the buffering is related to the length of the overall video. If that's the case, and nothing else works, consider breaking it up into two parts (not ideal, but it's an option).

To directly control bitrate:
Choose custom settings when publishing your file. Choose MP4 as the format. On the Video Settings tab, choose Bitrate for the Encoding mode instead of a quality setting. Note that I think 500kbps seems really low to me. S3 should be able to handle more than that.

Better Option:
Please note that several people have pointed out that they have experienced better quality/file size results by experimenting with varying the Quality settings rather than adjusting the bitrate. If you try that, I wouldn't recommend going less than 50% for the quality settings though - that should be enough to create a pretty small file. You could also consider increasing the number of seconds between keyframes. (I typically...

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I wrote a piece on the various Facebook bidding options a few months back and it seems like high time to revisit the topic. Specifically I’m going to share some official best practices for how to squeeze out the most out of Optimized CPM (oCPM) for Facebook pixel conversions, which has been an area generating quite a few grey hairs since its inception.

First of all, let’s reiterate from a high level perspective what Optimized CPM is good for and how it works:

Just like in the case of regular CPM bidding you pay for the amount of times your ad has been delivered (its impressions), but the delivery is optimised by Facebook to meet an objective set by you. That objective can for example be maximum reach, Page likes, or as will be the focus of this article: conversions on your Facebook pixel.

There will always be a target value

When setting up your ad you are required to set a target value for the objective you want to optimise for. I know this...

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, вы лидирующий участник торгов, однако...

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