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What you call "locked" is more exactly "AML flag", concerning money laundering regulations. More or less everything that is "suspicious" can get you AML flagged. A few publicly well known examples that will get you flagged are if you are accessing mt
Basically, you can't easily buy hard money (like Bitcoins) with soft money (like credit card payments). The problem is that customers could reverse or dispute the soft money payment and the trader couldn't get the hard money back. To cover their cost
In bankruptcy, a proof of claim is a form creditors file to prove that they have a valid claim against the bankruptcy estate. Before a creditor can get paid through your bankruptcy, it must file a proof of claim with the court. Read on to learn more
Instead of bitcoin-otc you can find counterparties by posting on bitcointalk. org, which is easier to use. You don't really need to go through Moneypak either - direct Mtgox USD for PayPal USD will work
Simple question about Mt Gox's terms for "unverified" "level 0" accounts: See this URL: https://support. mtgox. com/entries/20919111-AML-Account-Statuses It says that the daily limit for USD "or equivalent" is 1000USD
This page aims to be the best resource for new users to understand how Bitcoin wallets work, and how to use them. Introduction To use Bitcoin, some sort of wallet is needed. There are several wallet programs from you to choose from, as well as a web
I have been violated. It is a sobering experience. Username, email, hashed password available on the Internet in a prime database for Lulzsec et al
Well, what that is called is a hack. It is a hack to make the system work in a way that is wasn't meant to work. By definition, hacks aren't thought out very well and often aren't the optimum method -- if not outright flawed
There are also several far smaller exchanges still trading. .
Mark Karpeles was the accidental emperor of bitcoin, a hapless geek who, as much to his own surprise as others', became the most powerful lord of digital cash. During his reign, bitcoin, the leading form of virtual currency, rose in value from approx