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I use MtGox because of liquidity but also because of daily range. I usually exchange USD into BTC somewhere else, then send to MtGox to trade, then send somewhere else to convert back to USD. If I were to cash in/out USD at MtGox it would take too lo
01. 11. 13 19:04 from admin Dear clients, We are happy to announce that the long awaited MetaTrader 4 platform is ready for live trading of the BTC/USD (BitCoin against US dollar) currency pair
Now that the Bitcoin price has been on the rise again, the discussion ultimately turns to how Ethereum is doing. Albeit Ethereum has been losing some of its value compared to the Bitcoin trading price, the Ethereum price in USD remains virtually unaf
that each of these accounts bought (they never performed a single sell). They seamlessly connected to eachother: when one user became inactive, the next became active usually within a few hours. Their trading activity went back all the way to Septemb
I want to test out a few trading ideas for bitcoin. It seems to work on a small time horizon, and I'd like to backtest the past year or so of MtGox data. Is there a service that provides this? If not, is there a place I can buy the historical data du
I'm using the MTGox API to get data about historic trades. When I run https://mtgox. com/api/1/BTCGBP/public/trades?since={trade_id}, I get the latest 500 trades since that {trade_id}
I've just launched a trading app that trades on MTGox and TradeHill. I'm noticing something strange on TradeHill though. Basically I get my quote and place an order directly after
This problem isn't unique to India, but those in many other nations have more options. For instance, in many countries the P2P market CurrencyFair can be used to get a good rate converting to some other currency like USDs. Since neither CurrencyFair