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Why does Mt Gox disallow YubiKeys purchased direct from I have several Yubikeys a. .
BTC is a speculative commodity so bubbles are to be expected, and bubbles are cyclical in nature. The previous bubble went up to about US$250 and took several months to build back up and then inflect to climb exponentially to ~1200. There's not one r
What is my ‘Available to Bet’ balance? Your 'Available to bet' or 'Total available' balance is the amount available for you to wager at any given time. Your ‘Available to bet’ balance is your account balance, minus the (current) exposure.
1) An ideal exchange, in my opinion, should implement a form of the Tobin tax. Plenty of times I've been burned trying to take advantage of a large price gap in a coin that apparently does see movement. I may place a buy/sell offer just to see, some
While Mt. Gox imploded recently, losing 750,000 Bitcoins and filing for bankruptcy, the Bitcoin ecosystem seems to have weathered the storm quite well. The price of Bitcoins recovered in the wake of the Mt
As for Mt. Gox, they got their polish account when they bought up bitomat. pl, after it lost its private keys
MtGox, called "Mount Gox" or "MTGOX", has been the most widely used bitcoin currency exchange market [1] since it was started, and remains the largest in terms of popularity and volume. A registrant on MtGox has at least two sub-accounts: one for bit