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I'm using the MultiBit client to manage my wallet (right here on my computer), but I am concerned about the security with regards to the *-backup folders that it creates automatically. When I inspect the wallet-unenc-backup directory, I find 2 pairs
Premise: I'm quite new to all this bitcoin thing. After experiencing some problem with a bitcoin transaction, I made few attempts with small quantities (0,0001). In particular, I've sent 0,0001 to each of three different addresses
Note: Recent versions of the satoshi client offer a 'debug window' which can be used to export private keys. This is described in Miguel Moreno's answer to this question, and is easier than the steps I describe below. To export a private key from you
Okay, so I have seen the questions on how to go from Bitcoin Core to MultiBit, but I want to go the other way. Really, I downloaded and started using the wrong wallet. I wouldn't even mind MultiBit if it wasn't for that the default folder can't be mo
Back to Table of ContentsMoving a wallet to different directory These are considered to be advanced techniques, and we do not officially support them. Please use this information at your own risk. To move a wallet means copying several files at once
The developers of Multibit have explicitly disabled such a feature to change the transaction fee, citing concerns that having little or very low transaction fees would result in the transaction taking too long to process (which is going to be unbeara
Why on earth would I want to spend my bitcoins now, when they’re worth so little compared to when they peaked? Shouldn’t I wait and hope that the price rises again? The short answer is “No, because I feel like spending my coin. ” I want some new stuf
The Bitcoin Wallet for Your Desktop | MultiBit Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and so is MultiBit. Our desktop bitcoin wallet currently supports 40 languages. Bitcoin knows no boundaries, and neither does MultiBit
Yes, writing your MultiBit (non-HD) private keys on paper should work. You definitely need to write down the private keys corresponding to public addresses that have a positive balance. You also need to write down the private keys for public addresse
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