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I did a ton of Googling and noticed a lot of others were complaining about the long synchronization process, but none of them seemed to be as long as mine (and no one made mention of their speeds). Is it supposed to be this slow, or have I set someth
If there were fewer miners, Bitcoin would be less reliable and you'd have to wait much longer to get the same level of security against a double-spending attack. We need as much mining as possible because mining secures the blockchain. If I have 10 B
Depending on the amount of nodes in your network (don't forget to think of future scalability!) you can use anywhere up to 29-bits to uniquely identify them. Of course, this identifier could just be used to identify the 'class' of node and then you c
As many of you already know there was a 'hiccup' in the bitcoin network this week. It caused a flurry of articles, some good, some panicked and others that were outright alarmist. To be honest, while I was aware of the issue as it transpired it did n
Bitcoin network works on a Peer-to-peer mode, so "taking the network down", would require taking at least a good portion of the Internet. Should something like this happen, Bitcoins might not be the biggest of your worries. A Bitcoin miner stores lit
I've been trying to determine the number of addresses a node sends when it receives a getaddr message but I'm a little confused. On one hand, on addrman. h/
The problem comes down to trusting a third party. The current client only trusts the designation of the genesis block - you can independently verify all the other blocks derive from that, and have been secured by the highest difficulty. In theory, yo
Confirmation time of received transactions is a key service level measurement. For someone processing transactions with their own custom client, it's mostly up to them as to when they consider a transaction confirmed, as there's a trade off between s
I would add two points to those already mentioned: First, if you cannot accept inbound connections (because you are behind NAT or have specifically disabled them) you won't really be helping the network. Second, if you are running any version earlier