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Your question is rather vague, what do you really want to know? Bitcoins peer-to-peer nature comes from the fact that no single entity holds the database (the block chain), but every client in the network does. You misstate that Bitcoin has two main
It could be that this host specifically is getting less connections, although that might not be the case. There has been a similar drop in hashing power and stock price. The most likely cause of this is the lack of press-attention and a low amount of
A Bitcoin transaction, by design, will get one confirmation after an average of 10 minutes. Even before a confirmation has been received, a transaction is generally irreversible. If you were to send a second (double-spend) transaction, using the same
There are probably several reasons, but it's mostly historic. There is no inherent problem with just sending transaction id's. There is a disadvantage too, though, namely increased latency, which is not necessarily a problem when doing an initial syn
Bitcoin becomes very insecure if miners stop mining. Think of how easy a 51% attack would be to pull off. However, I disagree with your assumption that miners will stop
If all bitcoin nodes run the Satoshi client then they are all affected by the same bugs. So other implementations of the protocol will certainly help in this regard. Imagine that the Satoshi client was affected by a bug that when a certain date is re
This is a legacy issue. When the network was first implemented, there was a severe shortage of servers that could reliably accept inbound connections. Many people started running the client behind NAT and they could not accept any inbound connections
This appears to be a problem with the way Blockchain. info measures the network propagation. Blockchain
Generally speaking if you want to contribute you have two options: Become a blockchain peer The Bitcoin network requires the full chain to be available for download. If not enough peers allow the full chain to be downloaded, this is a risk to the net
Oh, you're back?! If IE is slow, chances are your computer's slow, too. That being said.