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It's not Bitcoin Core that's taking up all the space, but the Bitcoin blockchain that Core needs to download, validate, and reference. This is because Bitcoin Core is what's called a full node. There is another type of wallet, called an SPV client, t
Here are a list of my best practices for creating a paper wallet. Generate all keys on an offline computer system, this ensures that you are not using an online system that could be sending your keys across the internet. Verify the integrity of the c
Direct answers to your questions: I) Technically this is not too difficult. Looping through every new transaction on each received new block does not take too many resources and checking each transaction against 100,000 public keys is no problem at a
Does such possibility exist in NXT ? Unlike BTC, new NXT account has to send at least one outgoing transaction to become fully initialized by the network, otherwise collisions may spoil it. Sending money to that account is not sufficient for initiali
Electrum is easier. Armory is harder. Electrum lean towards minimalism
I'd like to keep some bitcoins as a long-term investment - store them to a pen drive which I stash in some safe place, or otherwise backup it securely, then remove all traces from my online computer never to worry about this particular wallet getting
If you ended up on this thread you seem to be interested in learning about Bitcoin. Welcome! Table of contents:i - Advantages and disadvantagesii - Getting started with Bitcoin and creating your walletiii - Buying Bitcoiniv - Bitcoin safetyv - FAQ an
Creating a manual offline transaction isn't super difficult, you just need to be careful and think about what you're doing. Make sure you have the public bitcoin address and the private key before continuing. Here's what I do (This assumes you are se
The Bitcoin Key app (discussed here) takes the place of rolling dice when creating offline private keys. This is a tutorial of how to use it to create your offline keys. The process is a bit involved, whether you use dice or the app
The problem here is that creating a transaction requires 2 things: The utxo (unspent transaction output) set of your addresses. This is basically a record of all bitcoins sent to the addresses in your wallet. dat file