Questions on: p2sh

keyboard_arrow_leftBack BIP: 141 Title: Segregated Witness (Consensus layer) Author: Eric Lombrozo <[email protected]> Johnson Lau <[email protected]> Pieter Wuille <[email protected]> Status: Draft Type: Standards Track Created: 20
OK, I got it working with pybitcointools. The command, bip32_hdm_script, as one can infer, returns hex of the P2SH redeemscript using the specified BIP32 master public/private keys (which is no different to using mk_multisig_script(pubkey1 pubkey2 pu
I understand that when I'm doing a transaction, I'm locking those bitcoins to whoever provide the solution to a script that has the hash I posted. But, where does the hash get written? I would assume that it is not in the blockchain, since this payme
We have been using "Post to return page" (rm = 2) as the way of receiving payment data for regular one time purchase (web_accept) and we have been getting "VERIFIED" fine when doing the validation. Recently we want to add a subscription-based product
A huge change to the underlying fundamentals of the bitcoin system are in the pipeline. I strongly recommend everyone to understand the issues before voting in any direction. Do not vote based on personalities but ideas
I've been running into a lot of trouble getting a transaction to spend coins in a multisig address. I create the raw transaction When I go to sign, I get "Operation not valid with the correct stack size" I'm using core, and the codes are here. First,
As mentioned in BIP0016, this proposal will cause a dangerous-to-the-network blockchain split in the following case: "A pay-to-script-hash transaction that is invalid for new clients/miners but valid for old clients/miners. " Therefore, at least 51%
In a standard P2PKH configuration, the scripts look like: Pubkey script: OP_DUP OP_HASH160 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG Signature script: When redeeming P2PKH outputs, OP_DUP is done because the pubkey is used twice, once in the hash and then verifying
BIP 12 creates a new Script opcode which allows scripts to execute more script stored in a string (like eval functions in other languages). There's not much debate about BIP 12: it will not be used. It's very complicated, it allows some looping (whic