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Help / Instructions » About "BIP38" EncryptionThe advantage with BIP38 is that if your paper wallet is stolen or compromised, the private key cannot be recovered without your password. Even a very short password adds a strong degree of protection. Ho
I love Bitcoin. I love how it's elegant, functional, philosophical, and radical. Unfortunately, for folks not steeped in cypherpunk ideology and network security, bitcoins are hard to understand, hard to purchase, and hard to keep safe
Here are a list of my best practices for creating a paper wallet. Generate all keys on an offline computer system, this ensures that you are not using an online system that could be sending your keys across the internet. Verify the integrity of the c
BIP38 wallets are password encrypted private keys stored on paper, and you can store the secret random password in a separate place. You can also do multisig with these wallets, I believe, so this has the potential to be much more secure. For example
Not completely what you asked for, but if you have a significant amount of money in bitcoin it makes sense to store them on a hardware wallet like trezor, ledger, . .
Yes, writing your MultiBit (non-HD) private keys on paper should work. You definitely need to write down the private keys corresponding to public addresses that have a positive balance. You also need to write down the private keys for public addresse
If you ended up on this thread you seem to be interested in learning about Bitcoin. Welcome! Table of contents:i - Advantages and disadvantagesii - Getting started with Bitcoin and creating your walletiii - Buying Bitcoiniv - Bitcoin safetyv - FAQ an
Right now, that's not supported. You can try (see user2194702's answer), but if you don't know the exact workings of the wallet, you're very likely to shoot yourself in the foot. For example, Bitcoin-Qt will send change to a new address every time yo
(I assume here that you have a simple single-address paper wallet, like the ones from BitAddress. org. I also seem to have understood that you use the Blockchain