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Depends on your budget or technical expertise I guess. A. Install a wallet and create a new address
I don't know of any third parties that provide this service. I do know of a few (Example) that provide the opposite, where a customer has bitcoin, but the merchant will not accept it, however. The problem here is that these customers (in your scenari
Survey order: You ought to have a system that uniquely identifies the survey and assigned it some string of characters. This can be just a simple number, or something more complex. You need to use that unique id to request a Bitcoin address form bitc
Some companies who have left cited privacy and security related concerns as their primary reason. It is therefore not surprising that some who have left the largest (and arguably most highly regulated) Bitcoin payment processors (Coinbase and BitPay)
Last updated: 19th October 2015 This year has been something of a watershed, with a number of merchants – some of them retail giants with billions of dollars in revenue – deciding to accept bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. Many of them are
At present, ECommPay works with more than 100 payment systems, and new methods are added regularly. This enables our clients to open their business to more customers worldwide. In addition to the standard Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Cina Union Pay,