Questions on: privacy

From the Darkcoin (now Dash) Wikipedia: "It adds privacy to transactions by combining identical inputs from multiple users into a single transaction with several outputs. Due to the identical inputs, transactions usually cannot be directly traced, ob
The block chain doesn't report the IP address and the IP address isn't passes by nodes. Any entities knowledge of Bitcoin network is limited to the connections it has. If you get a transaction from a specific IP address you can't know that IP address
When a miner in a pool finds a valid block, the pool receives a reward (currently ~50 BTC) in a special generation transaction in the block. The address receiving the generation reward in a given block is known, and pools publish statistics on which
Download the Tor package with vidalia from http://www. torproject. org/ Run Tor
1) When I want to sell bitcoin through a Bitcoin Exchange, do I have to transfer the bitcoin to a Bitcoin Wallet created by the Exchange and related to my account on the Exchange, or I have just to "connect" my Bitcoin wallet to the account on the ex
A currency controlled by a single individual, company or government would not need to work like Bitcoin. It would be centralised - there would be no need for mining, running special clients and so forth. Those are only a key feature of some decentral
1) Shared send from blockchain. info is a mixing service which bundles together transactions. Consider to sending addresses, A1 and A2, and two receiving addresses, B1 and B2
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I'm running on a generally voluntaryist track here, so I'm not convinced that people should make efforts to unmask "identities" (whatever those might be, whether they are given at birth or something else adopted thereafter). In fact, there is some ev
Direct answers to your questions: I) Technically this is not too difficult. Looping through every new transaction on each received new block does not take too many resources and checking each transaction against 100,000 public keys is no problem at a