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Besides the HD wallet technology, you might want to investigate "stealth addresses" that are new to Bitcoin. Not aware of any easy to use wallets supporting stealth addresses yet, unless you are into the Darkwallet. The libbitcoin framework currently
False, as you've described it here, because private and public keys work a little differently than that. The underlying math is tricky, but I'll try and give a common sense explanation in everyday language instead. Imagine that there was a special me
The ECDSA signature algorithm used by Bitcoin doesn't have symmetry between its private and public keys. If you read about how the algorithm works, they aren't even the same type of mathematical object: a private key is an integer, while a public key
The world’s most popular bitcoin wallet is now more secure and easier to use than ever. Starting today, we will begin the process of rolling out a major update to our flagship consumer product. We’ve been focused on three things to make this the best
Yes, writing your MultiBit (non-HD) private keys on paper should work. You definitely need to write down the private keys corresponding to public addresses that have a positive balance. You also need to write down the private keys for public addresse
I know MtGox allows me to redeem a private key, but that doesn't necessarily ensure that all the value is extracted from that address in a timely manner. Is there no simple way to send the entire value of a private key to another address in case you
If you are comfortable with a command line, I have used ssss-split and ssss-combine for sharding encryption keys in a n-of-m scheme. These utilities use Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme to safely break up secrets for later reassembly. For example, you
Which security software (firewall, anti-virus) do you have? A possible cause is security software (firewall,anti-virus) that blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after detecting changes (update)
With HD wallets, a single key can be used to generate an entire tree of key pairs. This single key serves as the "root" of the tree. The word seed is simply a more human-readable way of expressing the key used as the root, as it can be algorithmicall