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Your wallet is a collection of private keys and a record of the transactions relating to them. By default your wallet has a key pool of 100 keys. So when your wallet is created, around 100 private keys are randomly generated and stored in your wallet
It is Base58 encoded with an initial version byte and 4 checksum bytes on the end. The version byte indicates the network (production network=128 and test network=239). The checksum is the first 4 bytes of the double SHA-256 hash of the version and k
Bitcoin doesn't use the concept of "balances" it uses transactions. A transaction consists of inputs and outputs. The transaction amount is the total of all inputs
However, if provided a message, an address, and a signature of the message by the respective private key, it is possible to recover the public key which you can use. It's not quite so simple however - most public key encryption schemes have a limit o
The address field is unused and disabled - you can't put anything in even if you wanted. It is probably an artifact of reusing the dialog for adding a new sending address. So you can't use Instawallet to create an address and import it; and even if s
The page you are referring to on the Bitcoin wiki is pretty dated and doesn't really relate to current behavior in Bitcoin Core. Be aware that a lot of the wiki is like this. "Default key" isn't a phrase in common use, I can't fathom what that page c
Suppose I just used vanitygen to create this key: Pattern: 1a Address: e1aMGYXuGpUwDGH9gz3ZBs8UH746nRdEk6 Privkey: 5KhCszBi22hEZZixPEQkLAMtUVkxbGaxBFsH7a9iefqrxHmSXgH All I had to do to import this key was import the Privkey. Nothing with "Address' w
Importing a private key can lead to non-intuitive behaviour, and that can be exploited by an attacker. Imagine I'm evil. I give you a paper wallet with 1 mBTC on it
I just downloaded bitaddress. org java file and experimented with sending a small amount to an address for which the private key has yet to be loaded. That money unfortunately disappeared
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