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The OP_EVAL BIP says that "Avoiding a block-chain split by malicious OP_EVAL transactions requires careful handling of two cases: An OP_EVAL transaction that is invalid for new clients/miners but valid for old clients/miners. An OP_EVAL transaction t
You can find some examples of the GetWork protocol here. Generally, the pool provides a block header that is to be hashed with various nonces, as well as some additional information, such as: hash1, which is always "0000000000000000000000000000000000
I've been trying to determine the number of addresses a node sends when it receives a getaddr message but I'm a little confused. On one hand, on addrman. h/
A centralized payment verification system, like Paypal or any number of financial institutions, only considers payments "valid" if they come from within the organization. A single organization is responsible for verifying the truth of statements (wit
You will learn (1) how bitcoin mining works, (2) how to start mining bitcoins, (3) what the best bitcoin mining software is, (4) what the best bitcoin mining hardware is, (5) where to find the best bitcoin mining pools and (6) how to optimize your bi
If you price bitcoin out using Black-Scholes, you will at some point wish to calculate the volatility. Black-Scholes imagines a normal non-trended distribution for your volatility component, almost certainly wrong for bitcoin, but probably more conse
Short version: yes, but finding an account with a balance would take longer than the universe. .
Question: I’ve been told that it’s possible to run out of values when using the bigint data type and that I should use GUIDs instead, regardless of the problems they can cause. Is this true? Answer: This is similar to the question I answered last yea
Get up and running with this service: Overview You can refund the entire amount of a transaction or portions of it. When you issue a refund, the gross amount equals the net amount of the original transaction plus the refunded fee from PayPal. Gross A
Post by Gert DoeringHi, Should be available on anything from 2. 0 up - no idea when that was introduced, but it was "a long time ago". So far, only OpenVPN AS did use it on the server side, but support has been extended to show the information in the