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It is possible to create a small transaction output as an anchor for each auction: Interested parties would then be able to place their bids by signing a transaction that uses both their bid and the anchor as inputs. When the time-frame of the auctio
Got it! ECO supports the following databases. .
https://en. bitcoin. it/wiki/Bitcoin-Powered_Database As far I know, the Bitcoin blockchain is pretty much the only data structure that is both global and tamper-proof
For bitcoin enthusiasts who are skeptical about inflation, fractional reserve banking poses a similar threat. As long as anyone except you are holding your bitcoins, there's no way to prove that your coins aren't being lent out at any possible reserv
I understand there are a couple things that need to be checked for a transaction to be valid - the previous transaction had to be correct, no OP can invalidate the transaction, etc, but is there a complete list on what one needs to check in order to
With bitcoin protocol there is a way to setup an atomic swap between two parties. What that means is that either the swap happens with both parties getting their half, or everybody gets all their funds back. With recent events it should be clear that
An off-chain transaction is the movement of value outside of the block chain. While an on-chain transaction - usually referred to as simply 'a transaction' - modifies the blockchain and depends on the blockchain to determine its validity an off-chain
The priority of a transaction is (the sum of (coin age in blocks * coin value in satoshis) over all the inputs in the transaction) divided by the size of the transaction in bytes. Here's a random example transaction copied from http://bitcoincharts.
Hi guys, I have created a 3D model in Autocad of a large plant using the Acad3D template. I did not realise at the time that this template uses feet and inches. Throughout the drawing I have created quite a number of blocks which now if I insert thes