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I'm looking for specifics of Step15-17 from Redeeming a raw Tx Step By Step, which is essentially the step where the concatenated raw Tx structure is double sha256 hashed, and then signed with an ECDSA library. I've also referred to other raw transac
I'm interested in setting up a P2Pool node (which requires running bitcoind) to run a little mining pool for myself. Before you ask, nope I'm not even trying to break even, I know I'll lose money on this. Just want to play around and get a feel for h
In ECDSA s can be on either side of the curve and the signature will still be valid. The term "low s" is referring to the value literally being being below the curve order (0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF5D576E7357A4501DDFE92F46681B20A0). The requ
OK, I got it working with pybitcointools. The command, bip32_hdm_script, as one can infer, returns hex of the P2SH redeemscript using the specified BIP32 master public/private keys (which is no different to using mk_multisig_script(pubkey1 pubkey2 pu
I would like to create a python script that listens to the bitcoin network and monitors some addresses, stored in a mysql db. As soon as a transaction is broadcast with one of these addresses as an output, the script should run a function. I do not n
You might find it easier to just query an electrum server directly. Stratum is a nice protocol in that it's easy to use in an ad-hoc fashion. If you're using python3 this is almost certainly the easier solution, too
There isn't yet a complete implementation AFAIK, but there are different libraries that implement bitcoin features (wallets, keys, utilities, Depends on whether you want an implementation of bitcoin network protocol or wallet or just an overlay on to
In comparison to languages like Java or C++, Python has several advantages for coding bitcoin projects: Simplified rules of coding allows beginners and experienced alike to code and get results without getting bogged down in formatting etc Shell allo
Lets say I have a bitcoin address that has 10 BTC sent to it. I also have the private key for this address Using Python (2 or 3) is there a way to create a signed transaction (which I believe is a long string of hex digits) that can then be sent to a
Xapo has eliminated all transaction fees for transactions between two bitcoin addresses. Previously, anytime a user sent bitcoins to someone who did not have a Xapo account, the user was charged a small fee by the bitcoin network to send your bitcoin