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I'm trying to port TX generation logic to a different (and unpopular) language. I've been beating my head against this way too long and should have walked away but, well, you know, closure, and stubbornness. Here's my code so far
The description for the headers command says "77x?" as the size for the block_headers[] returned. However, the description of the block_header structure is 81 bytes (4+32+32+4+4+4+1). What exactly is returned by the headers command? -- AndyParkins Ap
Originally posted on StackExchange - http://bitcoin. stackexchange. com/questions/3374/how-to-redeem-a-basic-txGiven a raw, standard Tx: 010000000126c07ece0bce7cda0ccd14d99e205f118cde27e83dd75da7b141fe487b5528fb000000008b48304502202b7e37831273d74c8b5