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We don't want two users both running through that same sequence at the same time, where both pass the "look up whether code is spent" check, then both accounts get credited, etc. .
An individual or merchant requesting payment will generally want to obtain a bitcoin address specific for that transaction. When done manually, this is obtained from the Bitcoin-Qt client by clicking "Receive". A merchant would have software that wou
will I get more than 1 confirmation in time? What do you mean with "in time"? No one knows this is a transaction to yourself, it will be confirmed at the same speed than other transactions. Since you sent the transaction yourself, there is no risk of
The coin selection that the client does is performed behind the scenes, the client takes care of the details. But if you are curious to know what happens behind the scenes: INPUT: Address: A 1. 0 BTC Address: B 1
The rounded results were: Total empty receiving addresses Generated addresses/sec < 650,000 35 < 960,000 32 < 1,240,000 29 . .
Sometimes your customers don't want to pay for their orders using a credit card. These customers can still place their orders online if you set up a manual payment method. When your customers use a manual payment method, you can arrange to receive th
Unfortunately, I don't quite understand this last part of your reply yet. Is defining inputs = ALL previously received outputs to a certain wallet?) From what I understand, if we have to calculate the sum of all inputs (=all btc ownership values that
Hello everyone. I have been lurking in this forum for a while, but never had a reason to register until recently. I have been mining at Coinium
You don't want to be storing any funded keys server side, there's an almost constant steam of hosts being compromised to steal funds. Most Bitcoin systems use something called a "hot wallet", and move the rest onto individual paper wallets outside of
Here is an example of taking a 256-bit hex-encoded private key and creating an uncompressed Wallet Input Format (WIF) private key for testnet using the libbitcoin v3. 0 bitcoin-explorer (bx) command line interface. bx sub-commands manual pages are lo