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See the Ripple Trust Lines topics in the Ripple forum. In this context "empty trust line" probably means a trust line with a zero balance but a non-zero limit. Such a line indicates to Ripple that you are willing to accept a balance of the specified
Where can I find the address?The address you need to trust to hold Bitstamp issued currencies is available from the Bitstamp website, but as you noted, you must be logged in to see the relevant page. You can also find the address at https://www. bits
If they're in the same order book (same currency/issuer pairs), it's the one that was placed first. If they're in different order books (say because the source holds balances from more than one issuer) it's a bit more complex. Even if the offer rates
For a transaction to be processed it must use the very next available sequence number (as returned by account_info). If an otherwise valid signed transaction has a sequence number too small (matching a previously used sequence number), then the trans
I am yet to understand what the "trust" do. CAn someone explain please? "Trusting" an entity in Ripple is saying that you treat their word as a substitute for money. If you want to send me $1000 USD, Ripple has no way to do that, because Ripple canno
Download the Tor package with vidalia from http://www. torproject. org/ Run Tor
A ripple Account is an entry in the Ledger. People typically have one account that stores their Ripple credits, IOUs and the trust paths granted to and from other accounts. Each account has an address and a private key
The Ripple account reserves are documented on the Ripple wiki. The trust line reserves are only for trust that you set. Others cannot cause your reserves to increase by adding a trust line to you
Offers are always filled best first. Among tying offers, the one placed first is taken first. Once they're placed, offers are always taken at the rate they were placed
The size of the Bitcoin network is available here: http://bitcoinstatus. rowit. co