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Where can I find the address?The address you need to trust to hold Bitstamp issued currencies is available from the Bitstamp website, but as you noted, you must be logged in to see the relevant page. You can also find the address at https://www. bits
The short answer: using the info you and your friend provided, Ripple did what was best for everyone. I don't know how to pull up the details of the transaction number you link to (I have no affiliation with Ripple other than as a user). But using th
It will happen automatically when you pay someone who only accepts Bitcoins from the other gateway. There are several different ways you could form transactions to do this, but I think the client doesn't currently give you an easy way to get to any o
I'm beginning to wonder what my liabilities may be once I start using a system like Ripple. For example if a gateway I'm using (say Bitstamp) suddenly vanishes, could I, as a user of Ripple and Bitstamp, be held liable for some sort of debt (in addit
Universal In most if not all Crypto 2. 0 systems, a Gateway can: Charge the users for IOU deposits Charge the users for IOU withdrawals Ripple In Ripple, a Gateway can set a percentage fee for whenever their IOU is transferred from one user to anothe
There is a missing piece in your picture, the trade offers selling BTC/Bitstamp for XRP. The values you give won't work currently since the best offers in the order book are in the range of 8300 XRP/BTC or 830 XRP for the 0. 1 BTC you mention
According to Ripple the url https://ripple. com/wiki/Gateway_Integration_Manual for the Gateway Integration Manual is "DEPRECATED". Ripple says "This page has been replaced with the new Gateway Guide on ripple
It has been suggested that this article is merged with Merchant Howto. This guide is intended for small business owners who wish to help promote Bitcoin by accepting it as payment for goods and services. It's written with the assumption that you oper