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The short answer: using the info you and your friend provided, Ripple did what was best for everyone. I don't know how to pull up the details of the transaction number you link to (I have no affiliation with Ripple other than as a user). But using th
Here's the short answer: no, Ripple is not a scam. However, there are lots of Bitcoin enthusiasts that believe that Ripple is a competitor to Bitcoin. Many of the claims in forums and on websites are false
The Ripple system is really interesting, but on one point I can't help thinking part of it is a great scheme to make the founders (and OpenCoin) ridiculously rich. The reason that makes me wonder is that 100 billion XRP were initially created, and of
Yes it seems you find the offers by being specific about the currency, specific as in who issues it. For example the WeExchange gateway deals in bitcoins, USD, CAD and Australian money so those are the most well known currencies so far probably. So y
If the Ripple network splits in half, then each half will validate ledgers independently, potentially with conflicting transactions. If all servers are properly configured, they will not accept any of these ledgers as fully validated, since none of t
It will happen automatically when you pay someone who only accepts Bitcoins from the other gateway. There are several different ways you could form transactions to do this, but I think the client doesn't currently give you an easy way to get to any o
I'm beginning to wonder what my liabilities may be once I start using a system like Ripple. For example if a gateway I'm using (say Bitstamp) suddenly vanishes, could I, as a user of Ripple and Bitstamp, be held liable for some sort of debt (in addit
Ripple (XRP) is creating lot of buzz lately. Right now only one Ripple client is available, the official one at ripple. com, although it is much more powerful and much easier to use than BitcoinQt – the client is a web interface, no software download
In the Ripple system we have two types of currencies - ripples and all other currencies useful for transacting with people in your web of trust. Ripples are the only currency in the system that can be used for paying transaction fees and transactions
Ripple address r3AWbdp2jQLXLywJypdoNwVSvr81xs3uhn and you set up a trust line for 1. 0 BTC in each direction. As part of some previous payment (not a trade), Ripple made use of that trust line just as it was told it could