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Currently, only three-letter currencies that exist as IOUs can be created as a custom currency. And if someone else uses that same three-letter identifier for something else, each account can only transact in one of those conflicting currencies. So y
I looked at the bitcoin gateway sample code on github, and its README said that to use it I need to set my ripple account up to forward what seem to amount to customer or routing numbers, basically so the app can match up incoming ripples or bitcoins
Both Ripple and Stellar are open source protocols for making financial transactions. Ripple was created and is supported by Ripple Labs , a for profit company, while Stellar has been created by the Stellar Development Foundation, a not for profit, an
The Ripple Network is a global open payments system that works with all currencies. It also contains its own embedded digital currency called ripple identified with the foreign exchange symbol XRP. Everybody in the world, from individuals, businesses
In the Ripple system we have two types of currencies - ripples and all other currencies useful for transacting with people in your web of trust. Ripples are the only currency in the system that can be used for paying transaction fees and transactions
by being centralized. That's wrong though, centralization is of course a viable method but it is not used in Ripple. If David is right Bitcoin mining is pure nonsense, otherwise vote the answer of Luca! Mining is nonsense to prevent double spends if