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Ripple address r3AWbdp2jQLXLywJypdoNwVSvr81xs3uhn and you set up a trust line for 1. 0 BTC in each direction. As part of some previous payment (not a trade), Ripple made use of that trust line just as it was told it could
We give refunds in accordance with our refund policy in Skype’s Terms of Use. You can get a refund if: You haven’t used any Skype Credit purchased and you make a refund request within 14 days of that purchase (EU only). You have a subscription that y
For now, gateways are using transit fees as their primary revenue source. Bitstamp currently charges 0. 2% and that's pretty typical
The issue is that for safety reasons Ripple currently has no way to remove the account root ledger node to completely remove a Ripple account. Since the reserves exist to help limit the size of the current ledger, any un-deletable ledger node require
Fiat currencies can only exist as debt. If you have them, and they're not in your physical possession, it can only mean that someone owes them to you. This is the same way it works outside the Ripple system
There is a missing piece in your picture, the trade offers selling BTC/Bitstamp for XRP. The values you give won't work currently since the best offers in the order book are in the range of 8300 XRP/BTC or 830 XRP for the 0. 1 BTC you mention
Unfortunately @BrianFreud's answer doesn't fit my needs, I had a little different need, and I know that is not the answer for @BrianFreud's question, but I am leaving it here because a lot of persons got here with my same need. I needed something lik
Is the wallet name/passphrase just for convenience (easy to remember)? Yes. Because anyone trying to steal your funds would first have to get hold of your wallet file before he could use the passphrase, it doesn't have to be quite as secure as the se
Ripple. com only hosts the javascript client which talks to the Ripple network via websockets. Once Ripple is out of beta there will likely be different clients to choose from (smart phone apps; command line clients; desktop apps; etc)
This all depends on what asset the IOU represents and by extension what it can be used for. If in the case of USD or EUR etc they are accepted for payment of goods or services by a third party who is not the issuer then they are e-money. In this case