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According to Ripple the url https://ripple. com/wiki/Gateway_Integration_Manual for the Gateway Integration Manual is "DEPRECATED". Ripple says "This page has been replaced with the new Gateway Guide on ripple
There is a missing piece in your picture, the trade offers selling BTC/Bitstamp for XRP. The values you give won't work currently since the best offers in the order book are in the range of 8300 XRP/BTC or 830 XRP for the 0. 1 BTC you mention
A centralized payment verification system, like Paypal or any number of financial institutions, only considers payments "valid" if they come from within the organization. A single organization is responsible for verifying the truth of statements (wit
Out of the 100 billion XRP that can ever exist, the founders kept 20 billion while OpenCoin received the remainder of 80 billion. From that 80 billion OpenCoin will sell 30 billion to fund ongoing development beyond the initial angel investment, and
There are two things to backup/save, both can be found in the client under "Wallet -> Security". The first and most important is your "secret key". Your public key is your ripple address that is r0123456789ABCDEabcde, your secret key is in a simil
Ok, so you've signed up on the Ripple website and opened up a new wallet. Your first question is now probably - how the hell do I put money into this thing? In order to use Ripple properly you will also need an account with a 'gateway'. The main purp
According to coinmarketcap. com the market cap of the XRP is currently $606,293,939. However, according to a post in xrptalk
According to Ripple: Ripple for Financial Institutions Financial institutions, network operators and regulators play critical roles scaling and providing stability to payment systems. Ripple enhances the existing payment stack, offering real-time set
There are two separate issues. One is initial synchronization assuming you don't know anything. The other is how servers advance the ledger in synch