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If validators waited until other validators declared consensus to declare consensus themselves, no validator would ever declare consensus. So you must declare consensus and hope you turn out to be right. Most of the time you will be
A Ripple gateway acts much like a bank. They compete based on trust, convenience, and cost. They hold other people's money
Why is it not designed in a way to use consensus algorithms what ripple uses? A consensus algorithm requires that you can trust contributing nodes. Otherwise, you're open to a Sybil attack, where an attacker creates many dummy nodes. Ripple was built
A transaction is "malleable" if it can be changed in any way without access to the keys used to sign it. These changes can alter the transaction ID, making it difficult for others to track the progress of the transaction. The way Ripple is designed,
The default fee for a transaction is 0. 00001 XRP. But the fee is not fixed
This exact question was asked and answered on the Ripple forums. It appears as if SnapSwap doesn't give appropriate instructions on what the procedure is for sending funds into a brand new Ripple account/wallet. The general procedure is approximately
Advertisements Ripple, an open source, peer-to-peer payment network is on it’s way to dominate the world of crypto currency. Ripple or “ XRP ” claims to have an advantage over bitcoin with having a decentralized network which has the twin benefits of
Out of the 100 billion XRP that can ever exist, the founders kept 20 billion while OpenCoin received the remainder of 80 billion. From that 80 billion OpenCoin will sell 30 billion to fund ongoing development beyond the initial angel investment, and
If they're in the same order book (same currency/issuer pairs), it's the one that was placed first. If they're in different order books (say because the source holds balances from more than one issuer) it's a bit more complex. Even if the offer rates