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It has been suggested that this article is merged with Merchant Howto. This guide is intended for small business owners who wish to help promote Bitcoin by accepting it as payment for goods and services. It's written with the assumption that you oper
The documentation does assume you will run a local server. But anyone can build a gateway, with or without the server. To operate a gateway, you really only need to be able to process transactions just like a client does
User A can only send IOUs that user B trusts. Trust does not have to exist between A and B. So if user B only trusts bitstamp for 100 USD and has 50 USD already in that wallet :- User A can send up to 50 USD to User B as long as the issuer was bitsta
Introduction of a trusted authority defeats ripple's decentralization goals. Can you encrypt all connections? Short answer: Yes. Can a Ripple validator block a user? Ripple validating nodes can choose which transactions to forward and accept
Stating that you trust exchange AAA and BBB up to a given max shouldn't imply that you accept to put all your eggs in the same basket by having all your balance from a given issuer rolled to another trusted issuer for the benefit of the network. Set
We are thrilled to announce that Nodejitsu co-founder Marak Squires has joined the Ripple Labs Tech team! Marak is well-known as a Node. js pioneer but we thought developers would appreciate learning more about the man behind the myth. 1
You need to buy one of these devices What do I need to subscribe to PlayStation™Vue? Subscribing to PlayStation™Vue is easy. You just need the following: A supported, TV-connected device (PlayStation™4 console, PlayStation™3 console, Amazon Fire TV d
When talking about cryptocurrencies, none are so dominantly recognisable as Bitcoin. However, if you venture more deeply into the phenomenon of digital currency, you will soon find many other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin, direct successors