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Might be a problemWallet Vulnerable To TheftThe wallet is stored unencrypted, by default, and thus becomes a valuable target for theft. Recent releases of the Bitcoin client now supports encryption to protect the wallet data, though the user must opt
The Bitcoin wiki page on scalability looks at what things would be like if transaction volume was similar to that of Visa. It states: Today the Bitcoin network is restricted to a sustained rate of 7 tps by some artificial limits. These were put in pl
First, I'd like to point out that hash power in Bitcoin can indeed be regarded as voting power, but only about the part that is absolutely necessary. Bitcoin is generally a zero-trust system, which means all data received from the network is consider
There were a few more suggestions on an answer to this related question: Howto scale thousands of bitcoin accounts properly with bitcoind deamon? Someone has already created a wrapper for the bitcoin daemon in Java: https://github. com/btc4j/btc4j-da
Rosenfeld's answer is pretty much correct. Note however that the attack can only be successful if the attacker generates a fake chain in secret and then starts broadcasting the fake chain after the mini-blockchain has completed a full cycle (and prov
As far as I know, the bitcoin system currently relies on the principle that all transactions are made by someone with access to the entire history of previous transactions. Since bitcoin's public debut 2. 5ish years ago, these records have stayed sma
Depending on the amount of nodes in your network (don't forget to think of future scalability!) you can use anywhere up to 29-bits to uniquely identify them. Of course, this identifier could just be used to identify the 'class' of node and then you c
Ripple is designed to be very efficient and scale to handle high transaction volume. However, Ripple runs in the real world and real-world systems have various limits. The systems that process Ripple transactions, validators, have resource limits: co
Let's say Alice wants to send a payment of 0. 01 BTC to Dave and checks the following route through Bob and Carol, i. e