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Bitcoin was the first crypto coin. Satoshi when analyzing the problem of digital payment discovered that the machine needs to determine if some transaction sucessfully or unsuccessfully spent the output. In the most trivial case this means the signat
Is the output script generated by my program? Yes. scriptPubKey refers to Public Key of? Whoever you're sending the bitcoins to. So, now, once the output script is formed, is it broadcast over the Bitcoin Network? After it's signed, yes
It works because the address is actually derived from the public key. A Bitcoin address is what's called a "digest" or "hash" of the public key. The bits in the public key are shuffled and combined to produce a unique ID number; this is the key's has
In a standard P2PKH configuration, the scripts look like: Pubkey script: OP_DUP OP_HASH160 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG Signature script: When redeeming P2PKH outputs, OP_DUP is done because the pubkey is used twice, once in the hash and then verifying
A coinbase transaction is characterised by "previous_output" field of the transaction being 32 bytes of zeros and 4 bytes of 0xFF. It should be the first transaction of the block, but I'm not sure whether all the clients enforce this rule. The signat
Can I always use single public key (addr1) for all my transactions and when I spend every time protect it with different scripts / keys (key2, key3, etc. ), so that spending requires at least two keys ('key1', and 'key-n') but addr1 remains the same
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the output address is derived solely from the output script starting from step 4 in the wiki like so: first add leading zeros: 0012ab8dc588ca9d5787dde7eb29569da63c3a238c then hash with sha256 (if you look in the wiki this is actually part of the OP_H
I understand there are a couple things that need to be checked for a transaction to be valid - the previous transaction had to be correct, no OP can invalidate the transaction, etc, but is there a complete list on what one needs to check in order to
This post by Mike Hearn relates an interesting bit of history: When Bitcoin was first released, it contained two completely fatal bugs that made the entire system worthless. Fortunately, they were found and fixed before Bitcoin actually had any serio