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If you’re anything like me, you often run into a computer problem or five that could be diagnosed more quickly by taking a peek at activity on the network. The best general purpose tool for inspecting network activity has gotta be Wireshark. It’s an
For cryptographic purposes, what is needed is that the stream shall be "computationally indistinguishable from uniformly random bits". "Computationally" means that it needs not be truly random, only that it appears so to anybody without access to God
You can always sign the address in the database, but you must be careful about it. When the user register you would to verify their info, sign their address on an offline computer (with an offline private key) and put both of them in different field
JavaScript Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator Now Bitcoin addresses and their corresponding private key can be conveniently generated in a web browser. The bitaddress. org project provides an all-in-one HTML document with embedded JavaScript/Css/Im
Log in with an SSH private key on Linux and Mac Last updated on: 2016-06-07 Authored by: Brint Ohearn This example demonstrates how to use a private key to log in to a Linux server by using a private key by using a Terminal session on OS X. However,
One of scrypt design goals was to make CPU and GPU performance balanced, which meant that it was far more dependent on memory speed. The GPU had a solid work around and as far as I know CPUs don't have any advantage. But that did cause it basically i
A standard laptop CPU provides around 2-8 Mhash/sec. An ATI 5870 video card, which has one the best efficiency/cost ratios, mines at about 400 Mhash/sec, and at the moment, the Bitcoin network has a total hashing power of about 12,460,000 Mhash/sec,
It would not be wise to do this. "Brainwallet" software is completely non-standardized, there's no guarantee that any two implementations handle the encoding of characters in the same way. Addition of UTF8/UTF16 these characters is also likely to be
I'm new to bitcoin, downloaded the bitcoin. org client, encrypted my wallet, and purchase a few bitcoins (5. 25), for learning purposes
The problem was that in case a duplicate transaction was created in a side branch that is afterwards reverted, and is only seen by a certain portion of the network, a fork risk exists. The nodes A that have seen the duplicate transactions and its rev