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What has been reported for the past two weeks or so is an issue called transaction (id) malleability: A hash calculated from each bitcoin transaction, the transaction id or txid, can be changed until the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, by
Your assumption in the following equation transaction = transaction input(UTXO+sig) + transaction output is wrong. Correct would be transaction = UTXO + sig[tx data + hash(UTXO)] + output UTXO + sig[tx data + hash(UTXO) is added for each input output
It is said that a Bitcoin miner attacker with enough CPU power to outrun the entire network is better off mining honest bitcoins - which is not correct since by creating a false block chain the attacker already wins the coinbase on the way, just like
One question I'm not able to properly answer when asked is How exactly the blockchain can verify the identity of the user without a centralized trusted party such as VeriSign? I know this is done in a decentralized way and the ECDSA algorithm should
Well, the theory is that you have a buyer, a seller, and an escrow holder. This is for transactions like Bitmit or OTC or Silk Road where the buyer and the seller do not trust one another enough to reliably complete the transaction. If you run the we
Influenza, or “flu,” is a viral infection that affects 5% to 20% of U. S. residents each year
If that really was a change address, its private key is included in your backup of the wallet, even if you can't see it in the client GUI; this is because Bitcoin-QT always keeps some (a hundred, IIRC) precomputed addresses ready, and uses them whene
There is already a question that ask why you shouldn't reuse addresses, but it's about whether or not it's a bad idea for the person who would do the reusing. I understand there are several reasons you'd want to avoid reusing (e. g
Warning: This post is a mere speculation. There are many unknowns that may change the ending of this story, but nevertheless, an attack like this, that tries to divide the Bitcoin community, undermining the moral of each user, sounds quite probable t
I know MtGox allows me to redeem a private key, but that doesn't necessarily ensure that all the value is extracted from that address in a timely manner. Is there no simple way to send the entire value of a private key to another address in case you