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I run a full node, and as of today, the blockchain is 10. 1 GB. Since the bitcoin network is active, the answer to your question about how big the blockchain is something that is quite time dependent
I want to install the bitcoind daemon on a computer with relatively little free space (about 35GB available). I thought that the blockchain was some 20 GB in size and figured that would be no problem, but I'm running into disk space issues. What I di
The problem comes down to trusting a third party. The current client only trusts the designation of the genesis block - you can independently verify all the other blocks derive from that, and have been secured by the highest difficulty. In theory, yo
After checking out several different system that had the disk usage 100% Problem I found out that each one ended up having a different cause so it is hard to say what the fix would be. But I can give you some ideas to help isolate the cause down. Sol
This document addresses common questions regarding MongoDB’s storage system. Storage Engine Fundamentals What is a storage engine? A storage engine is the part of a database that is responsible for managing how data is stored, both in memory and on d