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Bitcoin is completely decentralized. Most terms in use today "pools", "51% attack", "miner", "rigs", "stales" came about simply because they were adopted by most users of bitcoin. In addition to the IRC options already given, http://bitcointalk
This is a tough question. I'd consider Bitcoin as being just deflationary. Why? Because, instead of thinking about mining as "adding new currency", you could consider that mining is just "enabling" more coins each block from the 21 million total coin
There's a generic answer to this question that anyone can use, and an answer specific to users of Bitcoin Core (versions 0. 10. 0 or higher)
If there is a need for them, additional decimal places can be added with concensus of the network. This is why some refer to "infinite" divisibility, because we can select the level that we need as time goes on. The current level selected in the code
A step by step guide to how midas works: Some questions answered: What is MiDAS? MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. The scheme helps improve minibus safety by working with your organisation to improve driver standards. MiDAS is availab
Alice and Bob are two commonly used placeholder names. They are used for archetypal characters in fields such as cryptography, game theory and physics. [1] The names are used for convenience; for example, "Alice sends a message to Bob encrypted with
From Wiki:Mining hardware comparison: Core 2 Quad Q9650 - 18. 67 Mhash/s . With current price and difficulty factor there is no point in using CPU for mining because the profit won't cover the cost of hardware or electricity
Advertisements Ever wondered what is an mBTC or uBTC is equal to? Don’t know how to convert uBTC to mBTC or mBTC to BTC and vice versa. In this post we will try to explain bitcoin conversions. First of all, mBTC stand for mili bitcoin and uBTC stands
If I recall it correctly, the "boo"s mean: your answer's correct but somebody else had solved the problem before, so you wasted your electricity and time - sorry. And the "yay"s are: you did it first, congrats. As for "LongPoll", it's a protocol that
When traders and enthusiasts talk about Bitcoin, the discussion will always turn to the market cap of this cryptocurrency — currently around $8 billion. But at the same time, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about what this number means. Als